October 29th, 2001


Quote of the day

"The user would have to be double dumb to get in trouble with remote assistance,"

-- Mark Croft, lead project manager at Microsoft's Windows division, referring to Windows XP's "new Remote Assistance feature, in which a user can invite a guest to log on to the machine for remote troubleshooting. The feature uses the same code as Microsoft's terminal server, for which there are 251 vulnerability and patch postings on the CERT Coordination Center Web site." (Quoted description on it taken from an IDG.net article.)


Blerg... looks like Dr. Dre is shooting a video or something outside our office building. The names on the trailers that I saw while getting lunch were Rick, Peter, Trish, and Reece... and then the giveaway, Dre. Do those names (other than the obvious one) mean anything to anyone?

I dunno, I've become so jaded to the whole celebrity thing. Maybe it's living in NYC, but I found myself wishing they'd just hurry it up and stop blocking the sidewalks. I didn't really particularly care who it was or why they were there.