October 27th, 2001


Chills, thrills, and spills! This one's a shocker!

Ok... this is going to shock you... but I'm feeling really tired.

I know, I know, calm down, it's shocking, but you'll learn to accept it, eventually. It may be difficult, it may be painful, it may give you gas, but you'll manage it. Speaking of gas... well, I'll come back to that.

So, after work yesterday, I went and met my brother in law at NYU, and then we walked to the PATH train and rode it back. I remembered how much I hated the PATH train; it's uncomfortable and overcrowded with shifty types with large hands who smell of cabbage, and the damn machines are always rejecting your dollar bills and pointing and laughing at you.

Well, amazingly enough, my dollar (and 2 quarters, as it's now $1.50) worked, and I made it through the turnstyle without mishaps. Then, like a wave crashing into a hapless puppy, crushing it and dragging its twisted body out into the cruel, cruel sea, only to wash up days later, bloated, its little tongue no longer a'wagging, and with its eyes pecked out, it hit me - it's really bloody hot down there. I swear, it must have been close to 3,000 degrees in there - Kelvin. I stripped down to t-shirt and packed my jacket and overshirt away in my overnight bag, and sighed. We walked to the end of the platform, as he said there might be standing room on that end, and waited for the train. It pulled up with a cancerous wheeze and we boarded, hit immediately by the lackadaisical and probably drunken and coked up air conditioning. It hummed in a sort of hummy way, blasting us meekly with stale, lukewarm air. Yay. We actually had not only standing room but even enough room to shuffle around aimlessly in place. Amazing. Normally the PATH train would be so crowded even standing room would be a blessing, but apparently we got lucky. Well, if you don't count the whole "being on the PATH train going to a shitty neighborhood and working on moving" aspect of our existence at that point.

We rode the train silently, excepting of course when we talked, which I suppose was the entire ride, more or less. Oh, except we listened briefly to the conversation of the girls next to us, which was a moment of silence. So there.

At Grove Street, we disembarked. We headed down the wrong way for a moment, because my brother in law was confused, and then turned around and left the station. It was cold. I put on my jacket.

I was wearing my Metal Steve t-shirt, and he asked me what it was. He said it looked like it came from a video game. I told him no, it looked similar, but it wasn't. Blah blah blah. Oh, and you'll have to rewind 10 minutes because that actually happened in the train. Whatever.

We walked to his place and settled in. He made an omelet and I had a small chunk of it (I wasn't really hungry) and we sort of ambled around a bit. His roommate Louis and Louis's friend Ed showed, and we packed some fragile stuff into Ed's car and then L gave R (my brother in law) some money and sent us out for liquor and boxes while he and Ed (I'll use his name cuz it's short) drove the fragile load over to the new place.

We went out and bought (at L's request) a bottle of wine, and 3 6-packs: two of beer and one of hard cider. We went out for boxes after we brought the liquor back and found... one. Yeah, it was the wrong night for boxes.

We got back, they got back, Ed went out, and L made dinner. He's a gay professional chef/teacher, incidentally (the gay part isn't crucial to the story but will make some parts more understandable... so's Ed, btw, and the professional chef/teacher is just to imply that he knows how to cook). We had ravioli (commercial, frozen kind, and everyone commented on how good it was, and I thought it was actually fairly wanky ravioli, so apparently I have even higher standards on my ravioli than the professional chef does) with a sort of sauce that L whipped up (not literally, he spent way too much time on it, made it with sausages and eggplant and tomato chunks and mushrooms and assorted herbs and spices - but I don't much like eggplant or mushrooms and really would've preferred a simpler, more robust red sauce w/ the sausages fried up instead of boiled and then cooked w/ the vegetables... ironically R said he probably did it to impress me (and most likely the others) as normally he'd do something more simple as I had described) which was ok. After that we half-heartedly packed things into boxes, he and Ed went out for boxes and tape and such, then got back, then Brian showed up (another friend of L, from what I heard actually not gay) and I forget what happened, I think we packed some more, taking frequent and long breaks to chat and drink (I was good, over the entire course of the night I had less than 2 bottles of beer - I finished off most of a bottle of cider, and had around half a bottle of Sam Addams and had a few sips of Sam Addams Cherry Wheat - that shit is nasty, it tastes like decent beer that had cherry cough syrup added, yuck). Then we went to bed, around 1 or 1:30.

Ed went home, R and L went to their beds, I got the couch, and B got the inflatable air mattress. I was alone downstairs. It was actually really nice, as I haven't been allowed to have cats for something like 3 or 4 years, so when I went to bed their 2 cats curled up around me. I slept in a half-straight/half-fetal position - i.e. on my side, with my back curved slightly, and my legs bent somewhat, but I was still mostly stretched out. One cat curled up in the nook behind my knees and the other curled up against my belly/chest and I petted it absentmindedly and it purred quietly until I fell asleep, probably around 2 or 2:30.

At around 5 am I was woken up to people talking loudly and banging around and turning lights on. Then they finally left to get the truck, and I turned off all of the lights again and went back to sleep. Then I was woken up at around 6 when they got back and started talking and making breakfast, so I grumbled and gave up and got up.

Then, we packed the truck (24 footer) until it was full (not very tightly packed), and drove it over, and unloaded the stuff into the house - took around 3 hours, from 7-10. Then we went back, they packed the last of the stuff for a 2nd load (not a lot was left over) while I showered and got ready, and then went into Queens for the first-ever nyc_cuisine lunch meet, and had a good Thai lunch, then came back home and got back around 6. Had dinner, blah blah blah, here I am, tired.

So that's my weekend so far. Tomorrow, my goal is to do as little thinking and moving and doing as possible and to just waste time and kill brain cells playing video games and shit. Yeah.
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