October 25th, 2001



...was re-reading some old emails I wrote. I really was a schmuck.

No, I take that back - am. I was just an even bigger one then, if that's possible.

I think this weekend if I have any time I'm going to start recounting my story. I've got a lot of interesting (well, to me) anecdotes and stories about my life, and some I haven't even beaten you all over the head with yet. ;) Might as well spew away for a while, it might help me get my head straightened out a bit.

Got to go to visit my lawyer sometime, they need me to sign off on some stuff and talk with me about some stuff. Yeah, stuff. I'm tired.

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"I'm slow."

The elevator got up to the 4th floor, and opened up. No one was there. I saw the kid that works there look up from down the hall and scurry out of sight.

The man next to me hit the door close button. It started to slide closed, but just before it hit, it slid back open again.

The kid walked in and hit the button for 6. "Sorry, I'm slow."

The man looked at him. "You're slow, or the elevator's slow?"

The kid looked up. "Um, no, I'm slow."

The man stared at him for a moment, and then asked, "Is that your vision of yourself? That you're slow?"

The kid stammered, "No, no, uh.."

"So why", the man continued, "would you announce to us that you are slow, if that isn't your vision of yourself?"

"Uh... No... I meant that..." The door opened on 6. "...I was slow getting to the elevator..." the kid mumbled, and walked off.

I stared at the man.

"No, you're slow." I thought with a sigh, and turned back to the door. "Idiot."

Heartattack time...

...for kicks, I let MS Windows Update automatically update the video and sound drivers on my Win2k laptop. I then rebooted, as instructed.

While booting into Win2k, the screen went black.

"Oh, fuck."


"Excuse me, I said, Oh fuck."


*staring at computer*


Then the Win2k loading screen came back and it proceeded as normal. Yay. So, apparently it actually does work. That's good. I've never had to fix a fscked up Win2k install before and I don't feel like learning how today (I doubt if it'd be all that hard, as I've done it plenty of times with Win9x and WinNT, but...).


I am growing increasingly pissy. Thanks to the antics of the junior admin, and to my wife (just for being herself) I'm getting near the homicidal point. (Note to all law enforcement officials: not literally. I'm using exaggeration for dramatic emphasis.)

Anyways today I'm leaving early to visit my lawyer, sign some paperwork, blah blah fucking blah. I wish I either lived a few hundred years ago or in a post-apocalyptic lawless future. Hmmm. I need to build a time-travel machine.

Fun with death

All Employees:

It has been brought to my attention that the building next to us (155 5th
Avenue, Jewish Synagogue) is being inspected for a suspicious envelope,
which may contain a powdery substance. Nothing is confirmed at this
point and workers next door believe it to be a hoax; however, there are
police and emergency service personnel present at this time and are fully
investigating this issue. I have also spoke with the Department of
Health & Human Services and again nothing has been confirmed at this
time. I will continue to stay in touch with the police and Dept. of
Health throughout the day but you should not feel as though we are in
danger. In addition, our building does not share any ventilation system
with the 155 5th Avenue building next to us. I will keep you posted
throughout the day.


...any talented junior unix admins out there in the NYC area that want a job? We're now officially hiring.

Update: Or maybe a mid-level too... we're replacing a junior but if the right person steps up we may be able to take on a mid-level admin, if they aren't too expensive (by NYC prices of course).
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