October 23rd, 2001



Ok, now that sucked.

The Giants dominated the first half (and most of the second), holding on to the ball, outdriving the Eagles by something like 3x as many yards, and outscoring them 9-0. Then... nothing. The Giants didn't do a single damn thing afterwards. The Eagles scored 10 points in the 4th and won it, just like that.

The Giants had the yardage and were in position to score, oh, 4-5 times. They could've put 35 points on the board, realistically. They came up with 9. Damnit. That pisses me off, this is a frustrating team to watch. Their defense was awesome tonight, their offense good if not great, but they just DIDN'T SCORE. What the hell do you say to that? They got 99% of the way to scoring a dozen times but never drove it in. Christ.

I stayed up past midnight for this? Sigh.
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My horoscope, emailed to me:

You are entering a period where you can expect to get excellent results, Nicholas. Things that you set up a month ago will begin to take shape and gain momentum. You will relish being in the thick of it all. You can expect to experience real transformation in your professional life, and from it, growth. You've worked hard for this. Enjoy it.

I freaking hope so. If something doesn't go right in my life for a change I'm going to have a breakdown.

You know, I think I first started the divorce proceedings rolling about a month ago... but anyways...
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Went out and got Halloween costumes for the kids during my lunch break.

First, I checked Abracadabra, since they're so close. In the front of the store they had a lovely puking mannikin dressed like a drunk, which was sure to brighten up anyone's day. (It was leaning over a barrel, and every now and then greenish yellowish liquid would come spewing out into the barrel.)

Anyways, I went to the kids costume section. Ah! They had a Charmander (Pokemon) costume in kids sizes and a Blue (Blue's Clues) costume in toddlers' sizes. Yay! Then I noticed the price tags. The childrens' costumes ranged from $30 (for the cheap costumes) to $75 for the "better" costumes. I don't mean like King Midas costumes that come with real gold, I mean as in they are more popular. Charmander was only $30 (it was a very simple costume and I get the impression that Pokemon is out of date in most kids minds now). Blue was $60 (for a freaking TWO YEAR OLD's costume).

I left, twitching.

Then I walked down to 14th and went to Party City, or whatever it's called. I got J a Pokemon costume and M a Blue costume. Total price? Less than $60 for both, including tax. They were, incidentally, the same brand as was selling in the other store. The Blue costume was identical.

So I got their Halloween outfits. I think I'm going to go costumeless, or perhaps I'll take my cue from Wednesday Addams and dress as a homical maniac. ("They look just like everyone else." Ba-dum-bum *crash*)

Oh well, back to work.


I AM 47% GOTH.

Oh My Goth! You Goth, Girl. There is a good chance I am bi. Freakiness pumps through my viens, but I can still laugh
at myself.

Take the GOTH Test at Fuali.com!

I realized what these tests remind me of - the good old, original purity test. Same sorts of questions, although those were a little better. A lot of these questions are just stupid. (Yet you'll notice I keep taking them. I'm a wanker, I'm a wanker...)

Early to bed...

...able to rise.

I'm going to bed now (yeah, at 9:30 pm). I'm expecting to sleep like crap, since that's what usually happens when I go to bed this early, but honestly, I'm so bloody tired that I don't think I have much of a choice. G'nite all. Sorry if I've been neglecting commenting and in some cases reading some of those entries, I mean to, but... maybe once I overcome this latest bout of insomnia and am able to function again. Bleh.
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...I'll be in bed soon, really. Shut up.

So at work today, as usual, I had a lot of trouble getting productive. This whole "burnt out" thang's been hitting me hard. Anyways, after last night (where I had to disable some of the checks in one of my "monitoring" scripts because the on-call admin was going numb from his cell phone going off all night) I sat down to come up with a better way. It's been an interesting learning experience, this project. More importantly - for the first time I felt myself really getting into working, after plunking away at it for a few hours. Once I finally figured out what I wanted to do, I was able to slowly ramp up until I was actually working at a decent pace towards the end and accomplishing something. I even stayed an hour later than usual (after making sure my dad was positive he'd be back in time to pick up my sons) to finish it and test it and make sure it worked.
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