October 19th, 2001


Night out

So I had a night out tonight. Nothing too crazy, but fun.

Met up with penchantnyc after work, and we went down to the village and had beef/lamb doner pita sandwiches at some place whose name I forget, a tiny little hole in the wall, but the food was good, and only $5.50 including a can of soda.

After that we went and got some gelato, and then walked over to the movie theater (Loew's on 11th and 3rd). He had passes to get into the advance screening of "The Sleeping Dictionary". Click the link to read more about it. It's coming out in June, apparently, so this was a very advanced screening.

We met up with mage67 (I think that's his lj username) at the theater and waited for the movie. While in line a cute Asian walked up behind us, fretting over lacking a ticket for one of her friends. Since we had an extra, we gave it to her friend. If I had known it was going to be open like that I'd have invited my brother in law, but I thought it was 30+ (I was just going to lie, and I look close enough that we figured we'd have a good shot of getting in). It turns out it wasn't 30+, just the person distributing the passes had apparently filled their quota of 20-somethings to see it and was looking for some "older" people. Once you had the pass, though, you were in. D'oh.

Anyways, we got in, and the movie was pretty decent. It's set in Malaysia and has the most gorgeous, lush backdrops you've seen. Rainforests and rivers and the like, really beautiful. Reminds me of my time in Costa Rica. It has Bob Hoskins and Jessica Alba. For those that don't know her, she's the chick from Dark Angel, the tv series, and in my opinion is pretty hot. She gets naked in it too - schwing! ;)

The movie has a so-so beginning, gets good, and then has a rather crappy ending I thought. Still, I did enjoy it, and I would recommend it. The visuals were excellent (both the jungle shots and the naked Jessica Alba shots), the music was good, and I thought the plot and acting and story and such were surprisingly good. It was apparently shot for $15 million in 6 months, and was a lot better than your average $50 million "summer blockbuster" crap. It's a romance, basically, with a little action (very little), some drama, some humor (not outright comedy, though). A fun watch, if a bit cliched and predictable at times. And some new British actor who I'm sure all the girls will swoon over.

After the movie, we filled out surveys on the movie (part of the "price" of the movie) and then went on our ways.

Had a good time hanging out with penchantnyc earlier and a decent time after as well. Good night overall.
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Apparently we're "renting" a room in our office to some other company that needed a place for 2 weeks. The cost of rent? They're buying us lunch every day. Pizzas should be here soon. Hopefully that "soon" is emphasized, as I'm freaking hungry. Usually I eat by now, often earlier.

Heh, cool. Although I hope it's not pizza every day, that'd be gross after a while.

Why I should be in Hollywood

Ok, I've decided to write and direct a movie.

It'll be a period costume* drama, set in the 30's or 40's or something, probably something related to World War II, I guess. It starts off following a few officers/soldiers from some army - British maybe? I dunno. It doesn't matter, but they'll be the type of guys that women swoon over. They've been in war and they're fleeing the horror, seeing their comrades cut down mercilessly, seeing them blown to bits. They run off, and decide to live in Brazil, in a house next to a topless beach.

Every day they go out on the topless beach, and get drunk, crying in their beers about the horrors they've witnessed. In the background, sexy topless women cavort and play beach volleyball. Then, the unspeakable!!! An evil nazi dwarf madman threatens to blow up the beach.

What to do? They recruit the only available people - several hot women - and storm his fortress, still topless, and capture him. In a dramatic fight scene they beat the crap out of him, and then, forgive him and accept him amongst them as a comrade in arms. He keeps his shirt on.

Meanwhile along the way, they discover the true meaning of friendship, and true love. They suffer heartbreak, but they learn to appreciate life like never before.

Insert a few random sex scenes too - which we can have more of, as they can skip taking their shirts off for, since they're already topless.

Finally, in the end, after everyone's paired off, buff guys and gorgeous women, and ugly dwarf nazi and gorgeous woman, they break into a musical number where they sing about the love of their life and how happy life is, and the film closes with a scene of the nazis getting overrun and the allies winning the war, with an overlay of the hero and heroine standing in each others arms as the sun sets behind them.

It will appeal to all people, all ages, all genders, all sexual orientations... it will sell billions of dollars of tickets worldwide and will make me enough to retire on and live on a tropical island somewhere with gorgeous topless women feeding me grapes or whatever you do when you're a billionaire living on your tropical isle.


I'm a genius, I really am. It's so moving. *sniffle*

* - well, half the costume anyways.

Sleeping Menu

I've been inspired by a conversation I had with penchantnyc after seeing "The Sleeping Dictionary" last night.

What I need is a Sleeping Menu. Actually, a whole bunch of different menus. What a great idea! Sleep with women of different ethnicities and cultures to learn more about their food. Watch them cook, have them take you out for food, and then of course go home and night and screw your brains out.

Hmmm... what a great way to learn more about food. I gotta get into this. Mmmmm... tasty.

A note to those who've friended me...

...probably half of my entries, maybe more, are friends-only. Most of them aren't particularly sensitive, but some of them are. SO: chances are, in time, I will friend you. However, if I don't, don't take offense. Even if I do, it generally takes time - I have to be comfortable with you reading those protected entries. Want to be friended faster? Comment in my LJ. Chat with me on AIM. Get to know me and let me get to know you, and once I've got that comfort level, I'll friend you.

See? Easy, no? Yes. And anyways, you're missing some of the best posts. If you like reading my journal's public entries, you'll LOVE reading the friends-only entries. 100,000,000* people can't be wrong!

P.S. I really am flattered that you find my LJ interesting, and I appreciate it. Really! Thanks. :)

* - Approximate figures only. May vary depending on time of day and season of year.