October 17th, 2001



I'm finding myself in a decent mood, despite some good efforts to the contrary.

Got home today to find a birthday present waiting for me along with a short but very sweet note. Thanks you. :) It was a real pick me up... I hadn't gotten any presents this year for my birthday, what with everyone I know going through shit and having no money or whatever, and I hadn't realized how nice it can feel to get a present, some acknowledgement of it. So that brought a smile to my face, thanks. :) I watched 5 episodes already (the Clerks animated series DVD). :)

Then I was helping my dad. I love him a lot, and all of that good stuff, but having him here is incredibly stressful, and I feel bad, because I'm much more stressed because of it than circumstances warrant. Oh well. We've sort of got a bit of history, y'know, he's known me like practically since I was born and all. :P

So anyways I spent a couple of hours helping him get his windows machine onto my network, which was more stress (for a while it was bluescreening on boot! icks), and time taken up when I could've been watching my dvd or playing a computer game or chatting... speaking of chatting, I finally saw weetanya online and had a nice (albeit short) pair of conversations with her. Hullo.

Heard about my brother in law's toothache (due to a broken tooth... damn the pizza's eyes!), and suggested he put the next piece through a blender and drink it... heh, I'm a jackass.

Oh, and had a small cup of port. My dad couldn't find my preferred brand of port (Taylor Fladgate, yay) so he got me some other type that was very highly rated. It's pretty decent, although I think TF is much better for the price (or much cheaper for the same quality, depending on how you look at it).

So there were ups and downs but a reasonably nice set of ups, so that was good. Overall I'd give tonight a positive rating, although just barely.
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First thing in this morning I had to fix a problem caused by someone being careless last night.

I'm grumpy in the morning. Coming into work doesn't generally buoy my mood all that much. Coming into work with a minor crisis waiting for me doesn't exactly help much either.

Grrrr. I'm going to bite someone's head off now, I'm hungry.

Well... ok, maybe I'll just go downstairs and get a bagel. BUT I'll EAT IT FEROCIOUSLY! Fear me.
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Employees with access to IT systems may have opportunity to create havoc

Thank you, IDG.net, for telling us that people that have access to something can do bad things to it! Damnit, why didn't someone point that out sooner? I better stop leaving all of my expensive stuff around with signs saying "Be careful, this is expensive" on it. Maybe I should even consider locking my door, or at least not leaving a map taped to it with all of the valuables in the apartment highlighted.

Who ever would have thought that having access to something allows you to do things to it? My God.

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My Magic Fairy's Name:
Cherry Snowspider

A cleanser of the soul and a peace-bringer.

Seen When:
Only when the dry seed cases pop.

In fruit orchards and vineyards.

Thanks to lorelei_aisling for the linkage. Oh, and the testy thingy is here: http://www.whiteelephant.ndo.co.uk/fairies/

(Although it's really only a test if you're 4 years old or younger. Any older and, well, let's just hope you can pass it.)

Note: It says your magic fairy's name... i.e. for all those people out there, that's the name of your magic fairy, not your name if you were a magic fairy. I could use some soul cleansing, and some peace bringing. And a beaver for my bat.


Sooo.... tired... this is bad. I'm getting a massive case of sleep deprivation and it's fucking me up. (Excuse my French. For those of you who live in France and/or have been there and know that the word "fuck" isn't particularly French, SHHHHHH! Don't tell the rest, please.)

Think I'm going to go nap now until my dad gets home and the kids wake me up. (Hey, I'm a father, I know how it goes. As soon as they come in the door they'll come running into my room and jump me. "DADDY!!!" "WE'RE HOME!!!" "ETC.!!!" It's nice being loved, it just doesn't leave much room for sleep.)
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I was so tired I could barely function earlier and now I can't sleep. #$%$#^@$@$&

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Good FAQ on it:

I don't know for sure, but I suffer from basically all of the symptoms, and have consistently (if not all that frequently) for as long as I can remember. So I think I have it. One of these days I'll actually get the tests I think, but they're a pain - the blood test isn't enough to confirm it, and the other tests involve things like spending overnight sleeping while hooked up to their machines so they can scan your brainwaves and see if you're fucked up or not. So I dunno. I have doubts.

Question: What are the symptoms?
Answer: There are four primary symptoms:

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS) includes daytime sleep attacks, which may occur with or without warning (and for many are irresistible); persistent drowsiness, which may continue for prolonged periods of time; and "microsleeps," or fleeting moments of sleep intruding into the waking state.

Cataplexy (the other hallmark symptom of narcolepsy) is a sudden loss of voluntary muscle control, usually triggered by emotions such as laughter, surprise, fear or anger. It occurs more frequently during times of stress or fatigue. The cataplectic attack may involve only a slight feeling of weakness and limp muscles (such as sagging facial muscles, a nodding head, buckling knees, loss of arm strength, garbled speech); but it may also result in immediate total body collapse, during which the person may appear unconscious, but remains awake and alert. These attacks may last from a few seconds up to thirty minutes.

The two other symptoms are hypnagogic hallucinations - vivid, realistic, often frightening dreams; and sleep paralysis, or a temporary inability to move. Either one of these can occur during the process of going to sleep or waking up, while the brain is partially asleep and partially awake.

Question: Are there other symptoms?
Answer: The following secondary or auxiliary symptoms may appear:

Automatic behavior, the performance of a routine task, without conscious awareness of doing it, and often without later memory of it;

Disrupted nighttime sleep, involving multiple arousals.

Other difficulties may be caused by the primary symptoms, appear as side effects of medication, or result from one's continuing struggle to cope. Feelings of intense fatigue and continual lack of energy are often reported, and depression is also common. The ability to concentrate and memorize may become more difficult. Vision (focusing) problems, eating "binges," weak limbs, and difficulties in handling alcohol may also occur.

Anyone else out there suffer from that sort of thing? I've got at least 3/4 of the main ones and a few of the secondary symptoms. (EDS definitely, Cataplexy from time to time, Sleep Paralysis from time to time, and when I was a child occasional hypnagogic hallucinations, but none of the last for years and years.) I definitely sometimes suffer from the intense fatigue and lack of energy (thought I might have mono at one point, or a thyroid condition at another), and depression (although the depression could just be caused by the shit I've gone through). Some other random shit too.

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