October 12th, 2001


Heh, cool.

So, I gave my friend Mary (the long-lost friend who I hadn't talked to for over 15 years before she emailed me out of the blue a few weeks ago) my phone number, and tonight she called to wish me a happy birthday and chat and such.
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Out to lunch

Going to lunch with a friend, then hang out in the city for a bit, then back home to pack up for tonight. Should be fun. :) (Well, the lunch and hang out bit.)
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Yet another SelectSmart poll

I gotta break this habit, it's getting to be an addiction.

# 1 Betazoid
# 2 Human
# 3 Vulcan
# 4 Bajoran
# 5 Trill
# 6 Andorian
# 7 Cardassian
# 8 Ferengi
# 9 Romulan
# 10 Klingon

So this is probably a stupid question, but what's a betazoid? And what's an Andorian? Sorry, I'm not a huge ST fan.

Anyways, take it yourself, you bloody well know you want to: http://www.selectsmart.com/FREE/select.php3?client=startrek

Stolen from bride
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Lunch was pretty good, had a nice (albeit short) talk with her, now I get to pack up and get ready to help my dad move. Yippee.

Must get out more... I'm much happier when I'm not locked in the house.
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