October 4th, 2001



Just went to lunch and got myself chicken tikka masala, and naan (POW!). Before that, though, I closed out my old checking account (BIFF!) and spent $154 and change at the Children's Place on winter clothing (KA-BLAM!).

Kids are way too damn expensive. On the upside, though, for ever $50 you spend you get a $25 coupon, so I now have $75 off my next purchase. The original total was $148 but I noticed it before she swiped my card and so I threw on another 3-pack of socks and got an extra $25 for that. So, free socks! ;) (SOCKO!)

I have to say: chicken tikka masala on fresh naan is like a piece of heaven. A somewhat spicy piece that left a red mark on my pants where I splashed some, damnit. First day all week I'm not in head-to-toe black and I get that on my pants. God damnit. I'm buying all black from now on, this is bogus. (BLAT!)

Heaven stains.

Hiss. Boo.

My DSL line just went down (a bit before 8:30 pm eastern). This better be a very temporary thing or I'll be pissed. Then again, if you're seeing this, it means it's back up again. Ho hum.

Ok, back up. Exodus fucked up, but my ISP called them and had them fix it. I believe my ISP when they blame Exodus because I've had to work with Exodus and my ISP before and my ISP seems to be the more competent of the two.