October 3rd, 2001



Today is odd.

The bus was half-empty today, and had an eerie calm to it. The sun was blazingly bright, I can't remember the last time it shone like that. The morning was warm enough that I went to work in short sleeves and didn't feel cold.

There's a feeling of quiet anticipation today. I don't know why. I'm not sure if it's pleasant or worrisome. If anything, it feels oddly peaceful and subdued. Nothing seems quite as loud or obnoxious or stressful. We'll see how the day progressees.

Did you know Trident has 5 calories per stick of gum? I wonder if that's if you just chew it or you have to swallow it.


Installed kernel 2.4.9 w/ TUX. Nifty. Not much to configure about it. It's kinda weird. But it works. :)


Had lunch at that place... you know... the one... right there... yeah... uh... yeah. Kebab King! That's it.

Had the usual. It was pretty much like usual. Now I'm chewing on a piece of gum* trying to get rid of that horrible onion flavor (and smell I'm sure). I asked for no onions and was too lazy to pick them out when he put them on. I like onions but I don't like them at work when I have to talk to other people after eating lunch. Bastards.

The place was fairly empty, even at around 12:30.

* - third piece today - that's FIFTEEN WHOLE CALORIES worth of gum. Hell, I bet chewing it burns off 15 calories.

New world record

Heh, I had someone friend me and de-friend me in the same day. I think that set a new land speed record. (Not counting those who friend and de-friend in the course of a few minutes or something, as they obviously didn't really "mean" it.)
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Found a 1 lb. bag of m&m's... bad. Going to make myself sick. I think I'll put them away now before I do.

Made myself inari sushi (no fish, just rice and dofu) last night, had some then and some more tonight. Yum.

I've been really wanting dessert, though. Haven't really had any for several weeks, and the past few days I've had a hankering for something rich and sweet and chocolatey. Hence the M&M problem. Oh well. :)

I think tomorrow I'll have indian, it's been a couple of weeks. Mmm, fresh naan and chicken tikka masala. Good stuff.
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