October 1st, 2001



Wow, I just saw something extremely disturbing. And rather upsetting. Blerg.

Oh, and I found out my friend's SO just confessed to being a drug addict. Wheeee.

Sigh. I'm going to bed soon, I gotta get outta this place* and get some rest.

* - i.e. conscious reality
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Bed is good. Sleep is good. If I wasn't such a goddamned nice guy I'd be in bed over an hour ago already, but I felt the need to stay online to console my friend. Sigh.

Have a lot of thoughts racing through my mind. I can't sort them all out yet. This is going to be an interesting few weeks coming up. I just hope it doesn't suck too much.
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Quiet night.

The children went to sleep fairly easily tonight, and now I'm sitting here quietly, at the computer, trying to find a moment of peace.

I've got a load of clothes in the drier that will need to be folded and put away once they're done. I've got a load of dishes that need to be put away, and a load of dirty dishes to do. I've got a load of bills to pay as well. Hmm.

I'm a bit tired, but had a reasonably decent day today. I took my lunch break and wandered off looking for food for the baby. The first shopping market I went to only had 2 varieties of the foods, which is no good. I then went down to Union Square to go to the A&P and found it replaced by a Food Emporium. That's fine, it's functionally identical to when I last went, around 5 years ago. The food there's as expensive as I remember it - the little baby food things were ~$1.40 a piece - I ended up spending $30. Sigh. Still, I got what I needed.

I wish there were more hours in the day. I'm tired enough that I could go to sleep already, but I still have another couple of hours of work to do first, and then I can go to bed. I want to play a computer game. I want to be irresponsible. Sigh. Maybe once my dad moves in I can actually do that sometimes. That'll be nice.
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