September 30th, 2001


Decent day

Had a surprisingly decent day today. I didn't have a chance to go shopping, though. :/ Running out of food for the baby, this is bad. I'll probably go shopping during the day on Monday and take it back home with me after work. Ugh. Fortunately, there's a shopping market near where I work.
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That was sort of amusing. My brother in law asked me if I warned him (AIM), and I said no, told him I've never done it when he hasn't done it to me first.

He said something like this: "Yeah, and you wouldn't have done it anonymously anyways. You like to let them know when you bitchslap someone, you really lay into them."

Heh, the funny thing is I found that somewhat complimentary. Guess I really am a New Yorker.

The thing is, though, if you're going to attack someone, not only does it seem cowardly to do it anonymously, but it also removes the point. If you're going to do it for some reason you SHOULD let them know who did it, and why. Oh well. I don't attack out of spite, I attack because I feel someone deserves it and want them to know it.
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...Cibo Matto is really weird. I can't decide if I really like this song or don't like it at all.
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