September 20th, 2001



Hehe... fell asleep earlier while chatting with people. Sorry if you were one of the ones. Woke up with my head leaning against the wall and the music playing and a few unanswered aim messages. Wasn't for more than 15 or 20 minutes. D'oh.

Going to bed now. G'nite.


Hungry. Think I'm going to have inari sushi today. Don't entirely feel like it but honestly I don't entirely feel like anything today, but I'm hungry so I need to eat something.

Anyways getting away from my desk might help some. Blerg.
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Kebab King

I decided to eat at Kebab King (the restaurant formerly known as Sultan II) again. Why? Because since the bombing it's been a ghost town, and I think it's because they serve "Turkish and Pakistani" food. That sucks.

Since everyone else is abandoning the place, I've started eating there much more frequently to try to do what I can to help them. Misinformed prejudice bites. They didn't attack the WTC, they don't deserve to lose business just because they serve food from the same region that the terrorists might have come from. Stupid people.

(Thanks to penchantnyc. I might not have even connected the two except he's talked in his LJ about supporting business that have taken a hit since the attacks, and so it's opened my eyes a bit to the situation.)

The Joys of SQL

Wow. Learning more about SQL and getting a bit impressed. It's far from complex but it has some real power to it. I just cut one of my perl scripts to about half of its size just by modifying a single line of SQL, simply because I hadn't realized what I could do with it.

(Yes, I was a SQL virgin before a few months ago, and yes, I realize that's very odd for a senior sys admin. What can I say, I'm self-taught, and I wasn't in a position before where I needed or particularly wanted it.)


Field Trip!

Tomorrow we've got a company picnic/outing/whatever. Of course it's during the week so I can't bring the kids (well, I could bring the baby, but he'd be a handful and a half, and my older son of course has to be in school tomorrow). It's also got lots of "physical activities" planned, i.e. sports. Uh, yay. I didn't like sports when I was in school and I don't like them now. I'd be up for trying a game of football (I'd suck but it might be fun regardless, but it'd probably only be touch which removes the point of it anyways) but that's not planned, only harmless sports like wiffleball. Sigh. I'll probably spend a lot of time standing around annoyed. (Hey, at least I'm being honest.)

Still, I'll try to have fun. I like this company and it'd be nice to get along with people and whatever, but I'm just so terrible at the whole group activity thing. I much prefer one on one or small groups, being out there with 50 people is going to leave me feeling awkward at best. Still, I can hope. Too bad there won't be booze, a few drinks might relax me a bit. :P
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bitter and depressing

I must be having a bad day without realizing it. I've gotten multiple comments about being bitter and/or depressing or whatever and a lot of convos have sort of gone down the tubes tonight. Oh well. Sigh.