September 19th, 2001



Had a dream. Again. This one's come before. If you can call it a dream.

In this dream, I'm me, the kids are them, etc. It starts off regularly, but at some point my older son asks if he can go someplace with one of his friends. The parents are driving them somewhere. I give permission, as it seems harmless enough, and he and his friend pile into their car as do they. Now, I don't remember exactly what happens, I'm losing the damn details of this dream as I type it but basically the plot is that these people are planting bombs in cars or whatever and sending innocent people in them into places to blow them up. I don't remember exactly how they managed it. Last time I let my son go and he was killed.

This time I almost remembered and at the last second I said no, and had my dad pick him up instead and drive him down to his place. I then proceeded to try to stop them. I followed them, watched them try to trick others in our place. It was a very horrifying dream, much more so than you'd think from the subject matter, and moreso than I thought, until I realized the obvious connection after waking up. I remember them going into a church and seeing them go in there and wanting to do anything to stop them or slow them down even so I ran up and rang the doorbell and then ran, like pranking them would do anything. I ran and the guy came out and - while running through the gate to my place he gestured and they swung closed on me, but I was faster and leapt through although it did clip me. I don't remember most of it but I just remember those sick bastards blowing up the highest buildings they had and chose innocent people to do it with, He apparently was some Satan worshipper or something as I believe telekineseis doen't exactly come ot most people naturally.

It's very disjointed and has huge parts of it missing, but just trust me when I say it managed to be horrible. And a least this time I typed up what I could before I forget again. :/ I hate this.


I'm impressed. I just watched a clip of David Letterman's monologue from the 17th, about the attacks, and I am really impressed. I've never seen him act like anything other than the wise-cracking smartass. He was near to tears at one point, maybe a few points during his monologue, and you can tell he really meant what he said. He said it well, too. Bravo. I wonder if Jay Leno could ever bring that level of dignity and respect to a broadcast. I don't know what to say other than that I'm impressed, and touched.

(Click the "Big Show Highlight" link to see it in video, or "Dave's Monologue" to hear it in audio only. It's worth it.)