September 18th, 2001


Celtic animal

My celtic animal is the goose. WTF? That's the best the celts could do? Damnit. Glad I'm half chinese. Goose. Sheesh. And ruling planet of the moon? Jesus christ I don't even rate a real planet. Why don't they just make it "space debris" and get it over with? Damn.

Date of Birth: September 30 - October 27
Animal: Goose
Gaelic Name: Geadh (Approximate pronunciation: Gia-gh.)
Ruling Planet: Moon
Keywords: Veiling, Direction, Vigilance, Stamina
Gift Quality or Ability: Goose people are generous providers but also
thrifty savers and investors regarding their future security. They have a
sharp intellect as well as a wit. Artistic. Protection, fertility, and
Birth Stone: Opal
Compatibility: Harmonious relations with the signs of seal and otter. Will
also relate well to the signs of adder, stag and salmon. Difficulties may
be expected in relation to all other signs.

From here:
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Wow. I just realized something. I haven't updated any of my copies of Moz (on my WinME, Win2k, or Linux boxes) for a month now. I used to update every few days, but it's gotten so much faster and more stable that I just don't feel the urge to go out and get a new version nowadays. Why bother? The old one works fine.


So as I type that I'm actually getting a new version. ;) I'm actually doing it not because I need to but just because I'm curious as to how it's coming along. Go Mozy!

There is...

...the most incredibly gorgeous sky out tonight.

Makes you forget for a moment about the horrors of last week. Life goes on. I'm glad.

Hee hee

My servers started getting blitzed by Nimda today at around 9:08 am if I remember correctly. I looked at my snort logs and wondered what the hell was going on. Then I looked at the apache logs and giggled - stupid IIS exploit.

I sent my isp a list of some of the ip's that were attacking me at around 11. I found out it was called Nimda later, around 3 or 4. I read just now about it, it's a dual-pronged attack, hitting both servers and client machines. Nice huh?

Boy am I glad I don't run 'doze. =)
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Finishing off the last glass of port. To celebrate our survivals, our sanity, and our efforts, my brother in law and I had each bought a bottle of port - I bought a 20 year Taylor Fladgate and he bought a 40 year TF. Man they were good. There was a glass worth of the 20 year old one left and I'm finishing that now. Nice.