September 16th, 2001



I'm kinda drunk.

Don't feel like typing evetything up, but my bro-in-law and I worked at the Javits sCenter and then came back here and attended a candlielit vigil and then went to the liqor store and movie retnal place and got a couple of bottles of nice port and some movies and ordered a pizza and then drank them and ate pizza and watched movies and talked a lot about old times and memoris. It hewlped. Now I'm going to bed.

Ah, sleep.

Slept for like 6 hours. Feel better now.

Yesterday after Richard (my brother in law) and I woke up, we went to meet a friend of mine for lunch. She never showed or called, I'm going to call her later and make sure she's ok. She's never not shown up or called before, so I'm a bit worried. Still, this has been a very hard week for everyone and I can't really be too angry at her even if she did skip out on it. Still, a call would've been nice.

So we went back to my office and chatted with one of the developers who was there working on Saturday to make up for missed time during the week, and ordered McDonald's delivery and ate lunch, and then we walked up to Javits.
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