September 15th, 2001



at the office. Just got back from doing what I could to help. More later. Going back in early after a short break. tired.


A quick update on yesterday.

As I said I would, I took yesterday off and spent it looking for things to do to help. I organized a group at work to get sandwich materials and deliver them to a Salvation Army nearby. It wasn't easy, either, a lot of places had more food and supplies and help than they needed so it took 4 or 5 hours of footwork to track down a place that did need help. Next week I'll try to get together a group to do a similar thing as the volunteer efforts will have died down some. Still, I found a place that did need stuff and thanks to convincing the CEO to foot the bill we bought the makings for over 100 lunches (sandwiches and bottled water == lunch). I had to leave before they were made and delivered, though, so I didn't see the end results.
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