September 2nd, 2001



...ok so I got back a couple of hours, and now I'm settled in and relaxed, so I'll post about my day and then get to bed.
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No museum trip for today, brother in law had to cancel last night. So we're doing it tomorrow with him, today we're just going to have a quiet day inside, relaxing and playing games and whatnot.

Heh, in some impressive news, I agreed to cover on-call duty for the junior admin (he actually took this weekend as a favor for me and I took next from him in return) last night for 12 hours - 8 to 8, more or less. In that time not one single page went out. :) Rock. I thought I had just slept through the pages, but apparently we actually just had a quiet, stable weekend. So nice. This is turning out to be a really nice weekend no matter how hard things conspire to make it otherwise. You can kiss my pasty white ass, Murphy, I'm having a nice time with my son!