August 21st, 2001



falling asleep in chair... must not take benadryl that late, damnit... d'oh... g'nite all
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Just stuffed my belly with chicken tikka masala and a nice fresh piece of naan and a little rice. Now I'm pleasantly stuffed and ready to go back to sleep. WORK! Work. Ready to go back to work. Yeah.

Note to self: don't eat at Curry in a Hurry any more. Why? Their takeout box things leak and since I can't finish it all in one sitting it's nice to bring it home. While I like Indian food I don't want my backpack and my stuff reeking of it, so I need to only eat at places sans-leakage.

Personality test

I took it, it said my primary color was white and my secondary color was blue.

are motivated by peace
need kindness
prefer quiet strength
like to keep a low profile
are independent
are motivated by other people's desires

are motivated by altruism
seek intimacy
crave being understood
need to be remembered and appreciated
are directed by a strong moral conscience

combination white/blue:
If you're a Blue-White combination, you are comfortable. You express yourself softly and sincerely. People find you determined, yet flexible. You are someone with whom almost anyone can get along.

So what'd you get? And what to people think about that? Am I white-blue?

(Thanks to xiuzan for the link.)
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