August 19th, 2001



Just got back a little while ago. Good to be back.

Tomorrow, I clean and do the finances and spend some quality time with the baby.
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    Weezer - Hash Pipe


Feeling very wiped out today.

Did some cleaning. Went through the bills, filled out the form for J's after-school program, blah blah blah. Spent some time with the baby, took him out for a walk, played with him, fed him, etc.

Have muchos moreos cleaningos to doos. Also, must give him a bath tonight.

Dunno why I feel so energyless. Is that a word? Probably not.

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I'm going to have some chocolate pudding which I don't really like, but I want something comforting and it's the closest thing I've got in the damn house.

My wife's being a beach again and I want her to stop. I can't wait until I can call her my ex-wife. Oh happy, happy day.