August 14th, 2001



dizzy. woke up from a nightmare a few minutes ago. something about being in the woods, and there were spiderwebs all over the paths, full of these large things... not actual spiders, though. THey looked weird, flat, roundish, short legs, almost like some sort of stylized spider drawing but alive and crawling around on the webs. the dream was like an episode of a tv show complete wth opening credits and title screen. I forget the name of the episode but my sense of humor showed... it was some bitterly ironic title that only made sense once I was running screaming through the forest trying to avoid the webs. i'm a sadistc bastard aparently even to myself. so tired i'm diszy. got almost no sleep. ugh. :(


Got back to sleep, then had another nightmare. I've forgotten what it was about, but it wasn't as disturbing as the first one. Ugh. I feel like I was worked over with a baseball bat. Sigh. Gotta get ready for work, gonna be late if I don't hustle. Bleh. Could barely get out of bed.


Today... I quest for good, cheap indian food. I really want a good chicken tikka masala, I love that stuff. Maybe some naan and those sauces on the side. Yeah.... good stuff.
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Finding indian food around here is easy. Why? Well, up on Murray Hill there's an intersection where there's an explosion of Indian restaurants - apparently, aptly nick-named Curry Hill. Oh how delightfully clever. Um, anyways.

So the good news is, there around around 10 or 15 Indian places within a block or two of that intersection (28th and Lexington if I remember correctly) plus Indian delis and groceries and the like.

The bad news is there are so damn many vegetarian-only Indian restaurants in the universe, and many of them are near that intersection. A lot of the better looking restaurants were vegetarian and I wanted some meat. A lot of the better looking restaurants were also a bit pricey (although not as bad as I feared).

Well, anyways, I got my chicken tikka masala and it was good. Not great - I've definitely had better - but good. Also got a piece of naan. And now, ah, my stomach is full and warm and I'm happy. Mmmmm.

Next time I'll try one of the nicer looking vegetarian places, but I really wanted chicken tikka masala today.


Growing increasingly tired and grumpy as time goes on. I'm worried I'm going to rip someone's head off just for the crime of existing in proximity to me. I've come pretty close a few times. Blarg. Need vacation. Fnord.
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