August 13th, 2001



So damn tired... need to get to sleep earlier. Of course the problem is not going to bed, but getting to sleep. Insomnia sucks.
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Damn... of the women that lives in my building and rides the same bus line as I do chatted with me briefly as we rode up the elevator. She complained a bit about the ride home, the traffic and the amount of time it took to get such a short distance... and then said she and her husband were moving into the city and she was looking forward to not having to deal with the commute any more.

While I was happy for her and all, I wanted to strangle her. I'd move into the city in a second if I could afford it. One of these days. I'd almost be tempted to take on a roommate if I could find someone reliable and who would basically leave me and the kids alone if we left them alone. Of course with 2 noisy kids it'd be damn hard to find anyone who'd be willing to put up with us, and I'd end up taking on so much of the rent that it'd be pointless.

I'm hungry. Going to get a snack then pick up the baby. I hope he's tired and goes to bed early, I'm too tired to deal with this crap*. I'm tempted to take some benadryl tonight just to get to sleep. Mmmm, sleep. The other white meat**.

* - Life, of course.

** - I'm overtired, gimme a break.
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Yeah, I'm going to go do the dishes and then try to go to bed. If I can't get to sleep I'll try benadryl. If that still doesn't knock me out I'll give up and just get really grumpy and bitchy and curse at anyone I see or talk to. Wish me luck.
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