August 12th, 2001



Kinda tired. At my dad's house. Going back home soon, should be back in a few hours. I'll be glad to be back home.

Going to go shower and then pack up so we can vamoose.


Well, according to this test, I'm a type 5.

My results:

Five: 15
Six: 12
One, Nine: 11
Three, Four: 10
Seven: 9
Two: 4
Eight: 2

According to this page I sound a bit more like a 9.

Interesting though.

Thanks to jujubaba for the link.
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Enneagram 2

Took another test, this time the one here. Similar results, but not quite the same:

Six: 7
Three, Four, Five, Nine: 5
One: 4
Two, Seven: 2
Eight: 1
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