August 11th, 2001


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Had a nice night tonight. And now, now, now I'm so depressed I'm drinking again. Sorry.

thanks to asrai

Thought this was interesting.

My results:
Red: 1
Orange: 1
Magenta: 2
Yellow: 2
Logical Tan: 5
Environmental Tan: 5
Sensitive Tan: 5
Abstract Tan: 2
Green: 8
Blue: 5
Violet: 3
Lavender: 1
Crystal: 3
Indigo: 0
Red Overlay: 2



Well... after finishing up at work, I went and met my friend at her work and then we hopped on the subway and went and tried that newish Chinese place down near NYU. It was pretty good, and reasonably priced too - $8 for my dish, ma po dofu, which is dofu (bean curd), peas, and little bits of ground pork, in a nice... uh... brown sauce.

After dinner, we went to the Saint Alp's Tea House (or whatever the hell it's called) and got some milk/tapioca teas. She got a frothy green milk tea with black tapioca. I got a frothy black milk tea with coconut and black tapioca. They're good, and the more I have of them the more I like them.

They basically make by mixing milk and tea and some flavor (often) and some ice and putting them in these machines that shake the fuck out of them, almost like some sort of weird tea milkshake. Then they put these largish balls of black tapioca in, so when you suck on it through the big ass straw you get the milk-tea and a ball or two of tapioca, which is chewy and mostly flavorless. It sounds weird - and it is - but it's quite good nonetheless. I think it was imported from Taiwan.

Then we went and picked up tickets for Rush Hour 2. She chose the movie, I was leaning more towards Planet of the Apes personally, or maybe Brother, or even that other movie whose name I can't remember. Not that I didn't want to see RH2 - I did, quite a bit - but I had said to my brother in law that we should see it and I felt bad about seeing it without him. I guess I wouldn't mind seeing it twice, though, it was a fun movie. The whole was more than the sum of its parts, or whatever.

While waiting for the movie (the 8:30 was sold out, we missed the one before that, and the next was 9:15, so we got 2 to that showing) we went and looked for a cd she's been trying to find with no luck. Vic Thrill. Apparently a punk/rock/other band. We gave up on it, though, and headed into the theater. Rush Hour 2 was PACKED - loads and loads of people.

After the movie we walked to the subway and chatted while I waited for my train, then I got on and she went to hers, and I came home. Talked with my brother in law briefly then he went home. And here I am.
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