August 8th, 2001


Calling my bluff

So I was walking around trying to figure out what to have for lunch when the sight and smell of Sultan II called out to me, beckoning me onward. My stomach was all for it.

Now that I'm sitting here with the spicy middle-eastern chicken sandwich in front of me, my stomach's looking at me like I'm a madman. I was just on soup yesterday, and now I'm eating spicy middle-eastern food.

How was I to know my stomach was bluffing?

Oh well.

Veni vidi vori!

(Roughly: I came, I saw, I ate*!)

So I managed to keep the sandwich down, although it did result in a bit of nausea for a while. Oh well. Better now.

Working on a perl script. Think I know what to do, just that my vision is getting a little blurry and I really don't want to sit here coding. I like working on it, just focusing on the screen and concentrating enough to write code is a real stretch for me right now.

Had a bad headache, which is now passably but still quite noticeable. Took some tylenol, went for a short walk, it helped. (I don't smoke, but I figure that shouldn't mean I don't get the occasional outside break.)

* - vori is where the english word voracious comes from; it implies to eat greedily, consume wildly, etc. Close enough for me.
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Going to attempt to get some sleep tonight... going to do the dishes and go to bed... hopefully I'll be able to get to sleep.
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