August 7th, 2001



Am sick. :(

I hate being sick. Headache and sore throat and general crappy feeling. Should probably call and ask about my older son, he and my younger son (and my mother too now that I think about it) was feeling sick over the weekend. Bleh. Apparently we had one of those funky new combination birthday/plague parties, I wish someone had told me.
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Been home sick today. It was good, I got some rest, but got very little done. I suppose I should take something for it, but instead I've just been suffering with a bad headache and sore throat. I think I'll look around for some tylenol, though, this is getting annoying. I managed to get a little work done on my scripts today, and keep up with email today, and such, which is good. The way I was feeling when I woke up I figured I'd be in bed all day. I think I'm going to get more soup and see if I can finish up the heartbeats script I was writing at least. I realized at one point I had been staring at the code for around 10 minutes without doing anything. Maybe some soup and tylenol will help.
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    sisters of mercy - Silver Machine (Hawkwind Cover - Live - Bootleg)