August 3rd, 2001



Fixed my damn script.

What was the problem, which I spent like an hour debugging?

I used \s instead of \s+.

Today's date is aug-space-space-3 not aug-space-3 and I didn't use a +. God DAMNIT.

Well, it's working now.
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damn headhunters

I've been getting multiple emails a week for several weeks/months now from headhunters asking me if I'm looking for a new job. If I was looking they'd know it. Leave me the hell alone already. I thought the job market was supposed to be tight?!
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Analogy day

I'm putting everything into analogies today. Or maybe metaphors. I could never remember the difference.

Specifically, ones related to cars. Dunno why. I'm just going with the flow, though. And my sarcasm is apparently set to 'extra-chunky' today. Beware.


Read this Robert X. Cringely column:

Unfortunately his prediction sounds all too possible. I don't think it'll be nearly as easy as he makes it sound - MS has tried to corrupt (excuse me, extend) every protocol and standard they've encountered, and while they haven't done all that poorly, they've had far less than perfect success. Hopefully if they do try something like this, they'll get their asses handed to them.

And if not, well, hopefully CCI will have gone public by then, done ridiculously well, and I'll be living on a tropical island with beautiful girls getting me drinks and fanning me while my kids play on the beach.
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Bye all...

...and on that note, see 'yez. My older son's birthday is tomorrow. I'm taking off for the weekend to spend it with him and celebrate his birthday. Back on Sunday night most likely. Gotta check and make sure I'm all done packing. Ciao.
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