July 31st, 2001


Long day.

Woke up late, due to tiredness.

Lawyer called, making me later.

Got into work. Accompanied my boss into the concept planning meeting where we talked about the future of the sites. Very cool, must attend more of those.

Had lunch.

Went to the Systems meeting. Agreed to work on something I didn't want to, but it's probably better that I do it myself.

Wrote a nasty regex for my script.

Came home, almost was late to pick up my son as I left work late.

Picked him up. Played with him. Held him in my lap and watched the Muppet Christmas Carol with him, then gave him a snack and put him to bed.

Did other crap.

This is the most boring, pointless journal entry ever, I think. Just felt like posting something but I couldn't bring myself to get into anything else. Oh well. Maybe next time.
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Damnit... the stress life has been dumping on me recently is killing me. No, not literally, but it's doing a number on me.

Lawyers are way too fucking expensive. :(

In other news, the office dog (did I mention that one of the founders has her dog in the office when she's in?) just took a shit on the carpet. Nice. Fortunately it wasn't by my desk or I'd punt the little thing. I deal with enough shit changing diapers.
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