July 27th, 2001


I'd just like to say...

...that dormando rocks.

If you've noticed any speed increases with lj tonight - you know who to thank. He spent a long time busting his ass looking for things to fix, and without any hardware or any magic managed to tweak the code and improve things.

He doesn't get nearly enough credit (or money for that matter), and not nearly enough acknowledgement for his efforts. So give him a little, folks. Other than Brad he's probably put more effort than anyone into making LJ the best service it could be, and had a lot more success than anyone else at it.

So there.
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My Crouching Tiger DVD doesn't seem to work. I've tried it on 3 different occasions with no luck. This sucks. I hope it's just a problem with my player. Damn thing's been sitting on my desk for weeks, never should've spent the money on it in the first place. I mean, I love the movie, but money's been too tight to justify it, even a couple of months ago.

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