July 25th, 2001



perl.org is so slow... I'm going to die of old age before the DBI docs load... still, nice to be doing something new. Blerg. Tired. Got more sleep than usual last night but it wasn't enough. Today may be a 2 coke day.


Had a really, really shitty day for a lot of reasons.

But y'know what? I'm ok. I'm not especially upset or angry or depressed - I'm a little miffed, but that's it. Either I'm getting used to the punishment or in some state of denial. Right now I'll take either one as a blessing - in the past a day like today was, emotionally, would've left me a wreck.
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(no subject)

Little. Green. Different.
The paste roars through my sinus
I shed hot green tears.

(I'm pronouncing different as diff'rent. Deal with it.)

snort the green powder
the universe opens up
I see God and scream

feel the wasabi
become one with wasabi
white leaves floating down

wasabi! he cries
wasabi! they all reply
she bangs the table

wow I really suck
this haiku crap is too hard
back to getting drunk
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