July 22nd, 2001


Today (the goods)

Well, anyways... where to begin... stayed up too late last night, so I was exhausted this morning. Yeah, I'm stupid. Still, I got enough sleep that I should've been ok.

Had massive troubles waking up.

Woke up the first time. Changed the baby. Put on cartoons. Passed out again.

Woke up again. Changed the baby. Put him in his highchair, gave him food. Dozed on the sleeping bag I've been keeping in the living room. (Why a sleeping bag in the living room, you ask? Because recently I've been so tired that often I'll watch Morgan by lying down and literally watching him play, and only getting up if he gets into trouble. Standing or even sitting takes too much effort some nights. Or some weekends, now, apparently.)

So I laid on the sleeping bag, half dozing, while he ate. Then I let him out of his highchair and he played while I continued to half-doze on the floor. Eventually he got bored of playing with toys and started playing with me. At the end, he was doing his football linebacker impersonation, while I played quarterback and he sacked me. This involved me lying on the ground (sleeping bag) while he took several steps back, and then ran at me and literally threw himself at my back. He would slam into me with his chest and shoulders, giggling, and I'd groan a bit and try to ignore the child slamming into my back.

After doing that for a while, I gave up and got up. Then I put him in his crib so I could shower and take him for a walk. He cried, naturally, but I figured it'd only be 30 minutes for me to get showered and eat and then I'd take him out.

Yeah, right.

To be continued... (friends only)
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Have to do an evaluation of my boss for Monday. We have reviews coming up next week, and it's a mutual review thing. Of course the whole thing is stupid and pointless and a fucking waste of time since they also spontaneously decided to change salary reviews to only be once a year. So this is just apparently to annoy the fuck out of us, rather than actually give us what was promised when we were hired. Well, fortunately I've got plenty of money to spare so I don't need a raise, and of course I wasn't counting on getting at least a little or anything. Nah.

Maybe next time they can lower our salaries too. Yeah, that'd rock.

I have to go sell some blood, or become a gigolo or something, so I can afford to eat next week. G'nite. (I'd have better luck trying to sell my blood, I think, so I'll go with that.)

(Yeah, I'm not happy about this, can you tell? Sigh. I guess life hasn't been frustrating enough recently. I will survive this, somehow, and when I come out I will be strong as Hercules, assuming Nietzsche knew what he was talking about. Either that or I'm wrong and I'll be dead. :P I should write up a will, dictate how my debts will get split when I die.)
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Just helped the junior sys admin with a couple of things.

Sorry about that last post. I get bitter when I'm overtired.

Going back to bed now.

laundry day

Yup, today's that most fantabulous of days, it's laundry day. Children are running up and down the streets strewing laundry detergent flakes with gleeful abandon. An italian tenor is singing an ode to Tide on the sidewalk. Bells are ringing in the churches to the tune of an old detergent jingle. Sheets of fabric softener float lightly through the air.

Time to get to work.
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...back in the land of the living. Put the baby down for a nap. Feel somewhat mildly energetic for the first time in weeks. I think taking the baby and going down to visit my parents and older son every weekend - even if my dad was driving us - was a big part of the drain. I still feel tired, but I've lost some of that drained feeling for the first time in over a month. In some ways it's actually good I'm on call this weekend and next; gives me a valid excuse to not go down there. I feel a little bad about it, but only a little - feeling like that was costing me my sanity. I think if we have to do this again next summer, I will make a "policy" of not going down more than every other week, except for special occasions of course.

Anyways. Laundry's almost done. Found there's not nearly as much laundry when it's only me and the baby living here. After this I'm going to make lunch and then work on cleaning up my home boxen, they're starting to get barnacle encrusted, and it's not pleasant. I originally built them something like 2 years ago and they could really use a good spring cleaning.

Ah well - to work.
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Last time I went shopping I decided to try this thing... fajitas in a bag, basically. By Tyson Foods, in a big plastic bag w/ smaller bags inside with the actual fajita wrappers, the chicken, the veggies. You basically open everything and fry the veggies and chicken together (precooked, but frozen) and then stick in the wrappers (thawed first of course) and bang you're making a run for the border. Or something like that.

Well, it's not bad. Real vegetables, real chicken, decent cuts of it. A bit bland. Very wet. When they froze it (or perhaps it was thawed a bit and refrozen in transport) it got ice all over the food - lots of it - so after sticking it in a frying pan for a few minutes it did get hot but also a bit soupy.

The other problem is that it's a bit bland. Fajitas shouldn't be so bland, I think. So I stuck some salsa on top (what the hell else do I put on? I dunno) and now it's even soupier, although no longer too bland. Good, but drippy.

Incidentally, whoever thought of this whole concept of tiny round wrappers is an ass. I mean, the bigger ones, like the 8 and 10 inch wraps, ok, fine, then you can make a couple of passes around and whatever. Same thing with a mooshu (or so its spelled in most menus I think) pork dish or peking duck when they use them - they're bigger. But honestly, even then, the roundness bothers me. How about a square? Then you could wrap them up and not have the middle be thicker than the edges. Maybe even stick a little flap on the end to make it easier to close the backside of it. These people are too stuck in their ways. It's time for a food revolution.
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Feel like I accomplished nothing today. Nothing useful, at the very least. Did laundry. Nothing else. Damnit. Guess I'll go to sleep now.
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