July 19th, 2001


Someone gets it

"No," Randy answers. Being a nerd, he answers such questions badly, succinctly, and truthfully. He knows that Goto essentially does not care whether Randy has jet lag or not. He is vaguely conscious that Avi, if he were here, would use Goto's question as it was intended - as an opening for cheery social banter. Until he reached thirty, Randy felt bad about the fact that he was socially deft. Now he doesn't give a damn. Pretty soon he'll probably start being proud of it. In the meantime, just for the sake of the common enterprise, he tries his best.

-- Cryptonomicon, Neal Stephenson

I love his books. Neal Stephenson is awesome.


...well, all gripes, idiots, flames, and trolls aside:


For anyone still in the dark, LJ won in -2- (count 'em) categories, the only site to do that. We won in personal sites and services.

Check it out.

Brad, Dorm, Evan, Mark, and the rest of the people who made LJ what it is deserve a round of applause and then some. And next year - we won't just be a write-in.

Update: Ok, I made a mistake, someone else won in two categories. Whores.

Ho hum.

Going to meet some friends for dinner (almost typed meet some dinner for friends, that'd be a bit odd...) in a bit.

After dinner, home.

After home, bed.

After bed... back to work. La la la.
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