July 13th, 2001


Fuck me.

Damnit. This whole being tired thing is getting to me.

I was being good earlier. I ate dinner. I took care of the baby. I started the laundry. I took care of the baby. I fed the baby. I played with the baby. I put the baby to bed. I collapsed, exhausted, and sat on AIM for a few hours.

Notice anything missing?

Yeah. I just remembered the laundry. Now the 2 loads of supposedly clean clothes are damp and in my entryway, and will need to be rewashed and then dried tomorrow, which means I'll be scrambling like a madman to get it all done before my dad arrives to pick up the baby.


I considered briefly pulling an all-nighter, then I realized just how stupid that would be and said fuck that and I'm going to bed. What's a pile of damp, molding clothing between friends? :P

Sigh. :/

Tomorrow morning, doctor's appointment. Need to get tested, see if I have the family thyroid problem. That would be so wonderful, to know I'm not just abnormally tired all the time, that there's a valid medical reason for it... and that I could actually get it FIXED. God. We'll see. Probably won't have the blood work done until next week, and then the results probably the week after. Blaaah.


Just got back. Apparently the doctor I chose out of the online directory is a dermatologist. Funny, I don't remember it saying that on the page. :P

Fortunately, he a.) works in an office with several other doctors, and b.) was able to "prescribe" the tests. So they drew three (yeesh) vials of blood, and asked for a urine sample as well. They actually did the labwork right there, which I'm not used to doctors doing. My wife always had to go to a lab.

I'll know next Tuesday or Wednesday. Yikes. Modern medicine, so fast. The doctor did mention my hair and skin seemed to show some of the signs of a thyroid problem. So either I have bad hair and skin or I really might have a problem. :P


Really, really, really shitty day today. Will post about it later. If I can get the strength to. Blerg.