July 12th, 2001



Updated my friends page so that it (tabular indent) sucks less.

Update: Rassin' frassin'... updated earlier but it was lost as our network was down and apparently logjam crashed. Whores.

Anyway, credit is due to brazenangel for kicking my ass into action on that. I had been meaning to fix it for, I dunno, months maybe, and didn't because, oh, I dunno, I'm too lazy. Interestingly enough she didn't actually tell me to do it, we just started talking about it and out of nowhere I decided to fix it. So that's that. Life's odd sometimes.
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So our T1 went down here at work. We have dual gig connections to the internet at our cage, but here we rely on a single crappy T1.

It was down for over an hour. The funny thing is, absolutely all work seemed to cease over on the tech side of things while it was down. People got up, walked around, chatted with each other... we had no access to our production machines, to our netsaint monitor, to our email, anything. It was actually kinda nice, first real voice conversation we've had here in months probably. ;)

Heh, the junior admin noted that our line must be down when he got in because my boss and I were sitting down and chatting - face to face for a change.

I'm not sure if that's cool or sad, but it's definitely amusing.

My pants smell of soy.

Spilled part of the packet of soy on me an' my chair.

Debugging NANS 0.5, it's almost ready to go. A very cool person sent me an interesting patch for it which I'm considering implementing part of in 0.4 and the rest of later.


I seem to have beaten my burnout for now; I've been working on NANS 0.5 and actually enjoying it again. One of the users sent me a nice patch for 0.4 which I'll be adding in to version 0.6. I'm currently adding in more/improved error checking and such, and fixed a stupid bug in the notification counts. It's nice to feel like it's going somewhere again. I had felt a bit derailed for a few weeks. Even when I had ideas I'd just stare at the code and be unable to do anything.

It's getting sort of big... I'm wondering if I should be working on cutting it down some. Maybe for 0.7 can be a bugfix and optimization release. ;)

Anyways. Nice not to feel lost in my own code. Onwards...