July 9th, 2001



Eyes hurt from allergies... methinks tonight is a good night to go lay in bed and try to go to bed supa early. Prolly won't happen but at least my eyes won't hurt so much if they're closed.

Today was an ok day. Almost fell asleep at work thanks to the benadryl I took. Hehe, that was amusing. Difficult, though, fighting off the effects was really tiring.

Made an appointment to see the doc on Friday and find out if I've got a thyroid problem. Well, actually, to see the doc and get scheduled for a blood test to be taken later (hopefully next week) at which point I'll find out after they finish processing the blood test... could be a few weeks, I guess, before I find out. Still, I'm looking forward to it. Even if I don't have it, at least I'll know... and if I do... ye gods, that'd be so great.

Kinda tired. Bought a brownie for dessert tonight. God knows why, I've put on enough weight as is, but I wanted dessert. So, a brownie it is. After brownie, bed. Mmm. Closed eyes. No hurt. Mmm, good.
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good stuff

http://www.chriscookies.com/ - they make damn good brownies. I'd assume their cookies are good too.

Here's their description of their grand cru crunch cookie:

This Bittersweet White Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut flavor is a decadent chocolate cookie made with Valrhona dark cocoa for a slightly bitter chocolate flavor, balanced with the sweet richness of white chocolate chunks, and the crunch of chopped toasted hazelnuts, with a subtle hint of coffee.

I mean, you know? Yeah.

I had one of their brownies, belgian chocolate raspberry, and it was awesome. Probably the best brownie I've had, which is amazing since it's a commercial brownie and not homemade. They really make them right, too. Here's the ingredient list: belgian chocolate (notice it's listed first), butter (second!), unbleached wheat flour, cane sugar, raspberries (real ones), whole eggs, valrhona cocoa (this stuff is good), tahitian vanilla extract, baking soda, sea salt.

That's it.

Damn good stuff.
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