July 6th, 2001



Just woke up. Don't feel good. Maybe a shower and a few glasses of water will help.

The friend I was supposed to hang out with tonight cancelled. Bleh. I also was only able to get 2 loads of laundry done last night, since I got home so late. And as I mentioned, I'm feeling crappy. I think I may forget about going out today and just stay and finish the chores I wanted to get done yesterday. 'at's ok, I've never had a vacation that went right before (well, there was one that wasn't bad, but I've actually had an unpleasant time on pretty much every other one), no reason to start now.

Ugh. Off to shower and drop off the bills at the mailbox (which I meant to mail out on Tuesday before I left, oops, hopefully I won't get hit with late fees) before the mailman comes. Then we'll see. I may go out, may not. Probably not. It's noon now; by the time I could get ready and get out I wouldn't be getting into NYC until 2 or 3 pm. Seems sort of pointless, if I'm not going to be meeting her after that for dinner and to hang out. Yeah. I think I'll stay home and clean and then mope and watch a dvd or two. And take some tylenol if this aching (both body and head) doesn't stop.

On an interesting note: EQ is, for a limited time only, allowing you to pay to move your characters from server to server. However... they come sans-possessions. I'm very tempted to move my wizard over. 24th level wizard... mmm.... 'ports... but losing all of his stuff (or transferring it onto another character with no real use for it) seems stupid. I know why they're doing it - because the economy is a little different on every server, and someone from a rich economy dropping into a poor place with his loads of crap (or several hundred/thousand, even worse) could disrupt play balance - especially on the PVP servers. So I can't argue, it makes sense - I'm just annoyed. Definitely can't take any warrior-types, as they need their stuff too much. A naked gnome wizard, though, can still defend himself (if they don't wipe the spellbook!!!).
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I chored myself out for most of the day. Washed basically every bit of dirty laundry in the place. (With 2 kids, and since I'm including things like sheets and blankets and towels, that's a lot.) Worked on folding and putting it away, got most of that done. Did some straightening and cleaning up in the kitchen and in my bedroom.

Just called my mother to see how my son's been doing. The past 2 days he was in a day camp, and apparently he absolutely loved it. I had a feeling he would. So I'm happy. He's going to be in the camp 2 or 3 days a week, and with my mother or father the rest of the week, and should be very good for him.

While on the phone with her, it came out that apparently our family has a history of thyroid problems. What are the usual symptoms?
- Tiredness. Um... yeah.
- Frequent low-grade sicknesses and run down feelings like you're sick. Yeah, yeah, that too.
- Slow metabolism. Yup, been struggling with my weight no matter how little I ate or how much I worked out for a while. (Not to overemphasize this; I'm not exactly fat, but the point is for the amount I eat and the amount of exercise I get I should be really skinny.)
- Frequent low-grade depression. Er, yeah.

Other related things too. But the point is - basically she went down the list of how it usually manifests itself in our family, and I hit it square on every point. Honestly I got a bit broken up for a second. I always figured it was just the way I was, or maybe just the way everyone felt. The whole idea that there might be something wrong with me - and that a simple pill once a day or whatever might fix it - was overwhelming. The idea that the frequent mental, physical, and emotional burn-outs I go through might be preventable, that I might not have to feel this way - it just blows my mind.

I'm going to call the doctor on Monday morning and arrange to be tested.