July 5th, 2001



Pretty much my mood in a nutshell. I'm not upset, or depressed, or angry, or happy for that matter - just very blarg... maybe with a bit of blaaaah thrown in for good measure.

The arrangement was supposed to work something like this: I was going to go down to me dad's place Tuesday night with the baby. We spend the night, then spend the fourth down there celebrating (yay yay independence blah blah blah *apathy*), basically by having dinner at my mom's place and going out to see fireworks after, and then the morning after I was gonna hop on the train and spend all day choring myself out so that I could have Friday to relax... but, well, it didn't quite work out. I didn't get back until a little while ago (a few minutes after 5 pm, bleh) and I'm hot and tired and sweaty (and stinky, I need a shower) and not really motivated to do any cleaning any more. I didn't catch the train back up to NYC until around 2:30 or so, and then a train broke down ahead of ours between Newark and NY (in other words, less than 10 minutes from our final destination) which took probably 30 minutes to clear out. Then I went and walked up to the bus station and caught the next bus back, and here I am.

I really ought to clean. Really.

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Expiration dates

Ok, right now, this has to stop.

I'm tired of seeing "Best if purchased by: [stamped on date]". Well, I bought it before that date. Does it matter if it was last year? I hate "Use within [number] days of opening". If I don't open it for a decade, is it still good? Let's have some simple expiration dates on every food:

Not considered fresh after: [date]
Will make you sick after: [date]
Will kill you after: [date]

Even better, have a little bar like on Energizer batteries. Squeeze the two nubs to see how close it will come to killing you. That way you can see how close something is to lethal, and make your decision based on that.
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This morning...

...I woke up, and went to the bathroom. After I got out, I went downstairs to find the place empty. I looked out the front door, and the car was gone. Ok. I got myself a banana to eat, and then sat down in front of the tv.

I flipped it on, and started watching The Replacements. I missed the first half or third, but I saw the rest... and you know what? I actually enjoyed it. The football scenes had some silliness but were really well done, and the non-football scenes weren't nearly as grating as they seemed in the ads. The plot was obvious, the acting was decent but not great, but the movie as a whole was actually pretty enjoyable. I'm actually thinking of getting it on DVD sometime so I can see the whole thing. It also proved that if you can find a role for Keanu where he doesn't have to talk much and can just limit his acting to putting expressions on his face and walking around and such, he's not even a bad actor. It's just that talking thing he needs to work on.

Anyways: The Replacements gets 3/5 stars. Maybe 3 and a half.

After watching that, I watched the Food Network for a little while, and then I went online to check my email. Then my dad came home.

There was no point to this really.
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