July 4th, 2001



Modems are so slow... *cry*

I'm at my dad's place for the 4th; will be here all day Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon I hop on the train back home. Thursday I figure is chore day (that means a lot of AIM and/or EQ and maybe a little cleaning... ;) ) and Friday is go out and do something day. I may just go spend a few hours relaxing in central park or maybe Washington Sq. park, I have to admit that was really nice the other day with my son. Bring a book to write and draw in (journal style) and maybe my camera and just spend the day under a tree doing nothing... sounds like heaven. Then maybe do something Friday night, but I doubt it. Then back down here to spend the weekend down here with the kids and then take the baby back home Sunday.

For those that didn't hear about it already: my boss gave me Thursday and Friday off. So that's how I'm going to spend it. (Yes, doing chores and laying under a tree. That's my idea of a vacation nowadays.)

Incidentally, I cannot stand being on a modem. That's what I hate about visiting this place; modems all over the place and not an ethernet cable to be found. HOW CAN PEOPLE LIVE LIKE THIS?!

Right. Anyways... good night, all. Miss me? Yeah, I know you don't. That's ok. See you all Thursday (or maybe some tomorrow, we'll see... I'm downloading AIM to install on here, if I'm going to be down here on a more regular basis I need to be able to keep in touch, bleh...).