July 3rd, 2001



Why is it that when I go to sleep "on time" (around 12:30 last night) I feel like crap the next day?

Note to any higher powers listening: this is not a good way to convince me to go to bed on time.
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AIM/ICQ are both down. Not surprising since they're both AOL properties, but still sucky nonetheless. Blah.

Update: Ok, maybe not. Some weirdness is going on. Very very bad things on the internet and/or with my ISP. Ugh.

Update 2: I'm back. I'm beginning to think this whole internet thing is just a fad. It'll all pass in a few months, just you watch.
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Why the hell does everyone post that damn link to Steve Gibson's DoS story as if it were the fucking bible? WE KNOW WE KNOW WE KNOW WE'VE READ IT A MILLION TIMES ALREADY!

Christ. Thank God I've got a personal journal I can scream in. It's not even that GOOD, it's just so fucking popular... pisses me off. What pisses me off more is when I reply politely telling someone that it's appreciated but we've all seen it and she reacts like a jammed a halberd* up her ass. I wish I had. :P

I'm in a bad mood, and I'm burnt out by life (work, kids, divorce, whatever) and I'm so tired of idiots. I need to stop posting shit to public forums before I accidentally say what I actually mean and give someone a valid reason to be insulted.

And to anyone who's insulted by this post: it's my personal LJ, so let me personally extend a very warm invitation to FUCK OFF!

Thanks, have a great day**.

* - Yes, I was a D&D geek. Probably still would be if I knew a decent local bunch to play with.

** - Unless you're an idiot, in which case eat shit and die.
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Apologies - the only people that read my rant are the people least deserving of it*. For that, I'm sorry. Sometimes, though, I just need to spew. I've spent way too long keeping it in and sometimes it's nice to just vent a bit.

As you all probably know, I'm going through a rough period. I don't mean to take it out on my friends, but ironically if I take it out on the people that deserve it I'll get flamed for it. Oh well.

* - Well, except for you Canadians, you're all rotten to the core**.

** - That was a joke. Repeat after me: joke.
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happy fourth, for those that celebrate, I'll be gone all tonight and tomorrow, try not to cry too much, blah blah blah, g'nite.