July 1st, 2001


The day

Ok, long day.

Anyways, I got to sleep last night at ~9 pm or something ridiculous. I slept until 8:30, with only a few interruptions - taking the situation from ridiculous to preposterous. I really did get around nearly 11 hours of sleep, though. Weird.

So, we had breakfast, had a nice time IM'ing and reading my LJ, and then hopped in the shower. My son and I then ran out, hopped onto the next bus into NYC, and proceeded to have a heckuva day. :)

When we got to NYC, we hopped on the C uptown and got off at the American Museum of Natural History. He loved it - got to see the life-sized blue whale, the dinosaur bones, things like that. A lot of it went over his head - he's 5 after all - but there was still a lot he enjoyed doing.

After spending around 2 or 3 hours wandering the museum, we went down to the LL and got lunch in their cafeteria. The food wasn't bad - but it certainly wasn't great. Considering that - with my 15% member's discount - it was $16, it definitely wasn't good enough. Oh well, I was supporting a good cause, I guess.

After that, we went to the park*. On the way over, I stopped and got him a ice pop. It was blue, and ran down his arm, staining it blue in streaks. :) We went in across the street from the museum, and walked down the paths, enjoying the day. I took him into the Shakespeare Garden, and we walked through that. Showed him the sundial and explained basically how they work, although due to lack of strong overhead sun it wasn't possible to actually show him. *grump* From there we climbed up the stairs and checked out the castle over the pond... he thought that was pretty cool. Then we walked around the pond, and I got him a strawberry frozade and got myself a thing of water, and we sat around and played and relaxed for a while in the shade. After that, I took him over to the playground (around 84th I guess?) and he played there for a bit, then I took his shoes/socks/shirt from him and he went and splashed with the other kids in the water.

After a while in the playground, I got him cleaned up a bit and then we hopped on the subway (B to 59th; A to 42nd if you're curious) and got to the theater just in time to catch the 6 pm showing of Shrek (it was actually 6:05, but the movie didn't start until 6:10 with the previews) and so we saw it a second time. He still loved it this time around. I liked it a lot the second time around, too. :)

After the movie we wandered around looking in stores for a bit, seeing if any sold N64 games (none of the ones that were open did), then I took him to Bryant Park and he made a wish in the fountain with one of my pennies, and then we went to the comic book store and I got him a comic and we went to McDonald's for dinner. Finally, we went home, catching the 9:30 bus, and after he got ready, I read him a story and put him to bed.

Other things happened as well, I may post about them later. I dunno. They'll be friends-only if I do.

Overall: two thumbs up, excellent day. Best day I've had in a while, and I hope best day he has too.

* - "the park" being Central Park, of course.
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Thunder crashes outside. Fog creeps over the ground. I smell miso soup.
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Life with djbdns

Sort of an ironic name. There's a nice little website (unfortunately, emphasis on the little) that talks about using djbdns: http://www.lifewithdjbdns.org/ .

djbdns is a very quirky little piece of software. It's fast, and it's got a small footprint, and I'd bet it's 100x as secure as ISC's BIND, but it's a pain learning it.

Been wrestling with it.

Why? Because I'm transitioning my personal machines from BIND to djbdns. I can't stand patching and/or upgrading BIND to deal with all of the damn holes. I'm hoping djbdns just doesn't have any. (Part of the reason it doesn't seem to have any is because the eponymous djb (Dan J. Bernstein) threw out a lot of functionality he considered superfluous to most DNS serving, and of the functionality he kept, he split it amongst several tiny daemons, each that do one specific task or set of tasks. It means you can pare it down to just the bare essentials - in fact, you're forced to - which, if you can get by without the extra functionality, leaves you with a lean, mean, dns serving machine. It's a pain, though, getting used to it.)

Ah well. The joys of being a pathetic geek.
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Ok, I want to know.

If you're reading this, why? What caught your eye about my journal? How'd you find it? If you read it regularly, what drew you in?

I'm just curious. My journal doesn't seem particularly enlightening or interesting, and I don't think there's much about me that leaps off the pixelated page and grabs your attention. But something did, at least in the case of those that weren't friends with me before LJ.

What was it?

(Yes, comment, please. Or IM, or email, or whatever. I want to know.)
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