June 29th, 2001



Got my transitcheks and I got 2 $35 'cheks' instead of a $35 and a $30. Pondered it for a moment, then sent an email to HR asking them if it was intentional. I don't like the idea of taking extra even if it was their mistake.

Yeah, I'm a goody-two-shoes I guess. :P

My head hurts, and I'm bored at work. I don't feel like being here. Slept horribly last night, what little sleep I got, and got into work at 11. Oops. I emailed my boss ahead of time to let him know the situation, but still, can't let this happen often.

My wife's bringing my son to the doctor now and then will be bringing him to me afterwards. Once he gets here, I'll finish up and take off. I'm hoping to have a nice weekend with him, maybe go see Shrek again or something, spend a lot of time playing together, stuff like that. I want some quality time with him before he goes down to my parents' place.

Blerg. Headache. I want to go home and sleep. :/

I hoped to post something interesting and pointful, but I find myself babbling mindlessly. Not that this is anything new... ;) Time to stop, get back to work. Sigh. Weekend... come to me!


Heard this one today:
"I'm going to go drop the kids off at the pool."

You figure it out.
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Cafe Reggio

Why is Cafe Reggio so popular? I mean, it's not bad, it's a nice little cafe, but the last two friends I've gone out with have wanted to eat there. First my cousin, then my friend last night. (I know, oooh, 2... but when you get out as rarely as I do, you notice these things.)

Oh well.
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so tired... going to bed now (yes, not a typo, at 8:30)... bleh... guhh....
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