June 23rd, 2001



My cousin just* had her baby, and it was a healthy baby girl. WOOO!



* - Well, on Tuesday, but they were understandably a bit busy to be calling around right away. ;)
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I downloaded a few Eminem songs to check them out, as I had never actually heard anything by him until Arachne pointed out that one song he (ripped off from/did a duet with) Dido. Some of his songs are decent, although a lot of them... well, they make me want to giggle. He's got this dorky white boy voice doing rap, and a lot of his lyrics are outright silly (not sure if that's on purpose or not) and all in all it just gives me the giggles. And the music itself is silly sounding. But having said that, it's not bad. I think he must be doing this as a tongue-in-cheek, very subtle parody. I just can't believe this stuff is actually real. Well, maybe some of it, but most of it sounds like someone trying to make fun of 'normal' rap.

I dunno.