June 22nd, 2001



By Odin's misshapen testicles, what manner of beast is this that lays here before me?

I'd just like to say:

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Today was a cool day. Got to Grand Central at ~9:30, got my tickets, and waited around. Got on the train at 9:45, and saw [our CTO] about a minute before we pulled out so I banged on the window and waved him over. He was held up, he hopped on the subway in Brooklyn at 9 and it sat stuck in the station ~14th street for 20 minutes. D'oh. Anyway he made it.

So we got to Tarrytown at around 10:25 or whatever, and met the guy from MCI/Worldcom, and met [my boss] and then hopped in a cab to the WorldComm (sp?) colo facility. We had a brief pitch by the sales guy and then got the tour. It was pretty nice, the nicest one I've seen after the Digex facility near Baltimore. Then we went out to lunch at Applebees with 2 people from MCI/WC and then [my boss] went home (he lives ~10 miles from there) and [the CTO] and I and one of the MCI/WC people hopped on the train back to Grand Central. Then we parted ways and I came home. Now I'm here, relaxing. Ahhh... nice... (of course I'm so damn tired... my eyes hurt, and I've been getting paged to hell for 4 days...)

Anyway getting home 2 hours early was a nice treat. And I'm totally wasting it, hehe.
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Awesome quote

Sent to me in an IM:

Being drunk sicks dude.

Another person:

I'm getting really tired, except my coherence to drop a bunch.
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