June 20th, 2001


Hmmm. One more try.

Well, I've basically given up on Voluntech and Techcorps, they both suck ass. So I'm trying one more remote volunteer organization. Actually found them as they were nominated for a Webby in the activism category. ;) Volunteermatch.org.

Oh, and my boss has a contact with ties to Planned Parenthood, he might be able to get me a spot helping them remotely, which would be cool.

If they don't pan out, I'm going to assume that trying to help that way is futile and I'll have to look into other ways of giving something back. It's so frustrating that I WANT TO HELP and I can't. Bleh.

(Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm getting pulled in a dozen ways already, but I want to help, I really do, and damnit, I do my best when I'm going a little crazy. ;) I think sometimes I thrive on stress.)
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It really bugs me when people respond to something I wrote and obviously didn't actually read it, or perhaps just didn't understand it. Pay attention, people*.

* - Incidentally, this has nothing to do with any of you, it was to something elsewhere, but I felt the need to bitch here to all of you.
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I don't want to work. I'm tired. Tech presentation at 3, thank god, something to break up the monotony of today.

Latest stats on the Webby awards

Community Sites
1.) Beliefnet 29.4363700815314%
2.) craigslist 29.2307692307692%
3.) LiveJournal 13.9595887982985%

Personal Site
1.) LiveJournal 25.3996224040277%
2.) DancingPaul 21.8753933291378%
3.) Blogger 21.0320956576463%

1.) PayPal 28.1527405946174%
2.) PlanetFeedback 22.6010990559391%
3.) LiveJournal 17.5567141045512%

Judging by the amount we've jumped up today (and the way the "all other write-ins" entry has dropped), it looks like they finally went through and "cleaned up", consolidating the various LJ entries into one, so now the votes are finally accurate. I'd say as long as we don't stop we have Personal Sites, the most important one, wrapped up - Blogger has made a big gain on Dancing Paul recently, and if we don't keep votes coming in we will lose to them. The others are awfully tight and frankly I have some doubts about them - but it's still worth a shot. Still, pretty damn cool, looks like we've gotten at least one Webby, and still have a chance at the other two. Rock on. :)
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The lines are being drawn...

...Blogger has officially stepped into the ring, with a thinly veiled challenge to LJ.

Read about it above, or even better don't give them any more traffic and just read about it here: http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?itemid=5561105

A short quote:

The reason your vote is important is because a
certain other personal publishing site has very
actively in poking and prodding its users to help
them "beat Blogger." That seems to be their
mission in life. That's fine. I don't want to get in
the whole Us versus Them thing. They do good
work, and anyone enabling personal publishers is
cool in my book. But man, they're just so dang
cocky, it would be lame to lose to them just
because we were lazy. We're not lazy. Right?

So let's show him that it's not being cocky, it's not arrogance, it's simply a realization of the facts: we kick Blogger's ass.


Update: Please, anyone who is considering voting multiple times with multiple emails: DON'T DO IT. It can be considered cheating and could disqualify us from our deserved victory. We'll win this, and we'll win it fairly. ONWARDS!
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