June 18th, 2001



Nifty, itchi is using my image gallery script. Woot.

Of course, now that someone other than me is using it I suddenly feel compelled to actually make it stop sucking, heh.

In other news, I'm back. *fanfare*

Um... right. Well, nothing eventful to mention, other than I stocked up on all sorts of goodies at the chinese grocery and now will be eating in a most awesome fashion for a few days. Also got a bunch of ingredients and sauces for making stuff, so I can cook yummy food. Got sushi rice to go along with my sushi vinegar and now I can make proper inari sushi. Got some thai-style red curry sauce and peanut satay sauce, probably fry up some chicken and chinese rice noodles with that stuff, should be good (separately). Should've picked up some coconut milk. Hmmm. Got rice noodles (the thick, soft kind) which I can steam with some meat or just have plain. They rock. Steam them with some sesame oil and maybe a little honey, then dump some soy sauce on them and eat, faaaantastic. They're better with a little pork or shrimp inside them, but I don't have anything to stuff 'em with and don't feel like going through the trouble anyways. Got some chinese bread (man) which is awesome, made from rice flour, a little sweeter and chewier than normal bread, very good to just snack on. Got a bunch of cha siu bau (spell it however you like to, I don't care, it's all just an approximation) which are roast pork buns... got both the steamed and baked variety... oh and got a big thing of basmati rice, which I love. That'll go well with the curry sauce, or with any kind of indian food of course.

Mmmmm... must start cooking again.

And now, of course, I've made myself hungry. Back momentarily. ;)
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...oh yeah, also got some beef chow fun, which is a dish with the soft, thick rice noodles, beef, and some other stuff. Very good when done right. This is so so. But still good. ;)

*murhhhrrppphhhhrlllffmmmm* *chew* *chew* *chew*
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One reason ICQ sucks vs. AIM.

AIM allows unlimited away messages. ICQ does NOT.

My current list of AIM away messages, by label:

Default Away Message
kids not brb
maximum snackage
Oh Canada
Playing Game
work emergency

Maybe sometime if I'm really bored I'll post the text to each.
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Like wow!

This is, like (ohmiGAWD!) the ultimate song for all you blondes out there.

Everything looks fine
standing in your light
everything feels nice
stuff is out of sight
what's a girl to do from [something] you
you're on my mind
when you're standing next to me
it's like wow
and [something] you get is to set me free
it's like wow
and then your touch is such a rush I can't get enough
it's like, it's like

oooh hey wha (why?)
it's like wow
oooh hey wha
it's like wow
oooh hey wha
it's like wow
oooh hey wha
it's like wow

should I hesitate when it feels this great
don't want to make a big mistake
don't want to make you think I'm playing games
I'm just trying to say I wanna be with you
When you're standing next to me
it's like wow
[something something] set me free
and then your touch is like such a rush
it's like it's like


I'm fascinated by your love
you know it's all I'm thinking of
and the wait is long (lonely?) enough
[something something] all mixed up
feeling higher than a cloud
all my senses are like wow
who hey why it's like wow

(ooh hey wow)
(spoken) you know it's all I'm thinking of

(random unintelligible bits of singing)
[chorus] (yes, again)
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This version of Stan is utterly pathetic. Elton John wanks hard in this. Someone should shoot him.
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Trying a can of Red Bull. Tastes a bit like Whoop Ass, but better, which is good, since I thought Whoop Ass was disgusting. This still tastes a bit like vitamins but not nearly as badly.

Holy shit, batman

gnu vi/bash are fucked up and buggy, check this crap out.

As root:

cd /tmp
mkdir foo; cd foo
mkdir bar; cd bar
cat "this is a test" > foo.txt
chown [your username] foo.txt
chmod go-rwx ../bar
chmod go-rwx ../../foo
su [your username]
vi foo.txt

what happens? No, not permission denied, as it should do. It says "new file". Why? strace it. The stupid program CHANGES INTO YOUR HOME DIRECTORY without warning and does it in there. HELLO?!

The proper response: "permission denied".

To elaborate: as user [you], you have rw access to foo.txt. However, the directory it's in (/tmp/foo/bar), and its parent directory (/tmp/foo) you have neither read nor execute permissions for. So you can't actually change directories to get to that file or take a directory listing to see it. But because you su'd without the dash, it leaves you in the directory you have no access to. A sun box will correctly tell you "permission denied". A linux box (the ones I've tested anyway) will silently change directory into your home directory when you try to vi the file, but only for vi. So vi will be operating out of your home directory while your pwd is still /tmp/foo/bar. That is SO STUPID.
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Polls polls polls

It's not too late to take the Wasabi Poll: http://www.livejournal.com/poll/?id=1348 . Don't wait until it's too late. America's counting on you.

And when you're done with that, go take the Webby Awards People's Voice Poll ( http://www.webbyawards.com/peoplesvoice/ ) and help LJ win, as it deserves. If you somehow still haven't heard anything about the Webby Awards and want more info, read this: http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?itemid=5242709 .

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Useful Words

What do you call it when you're losing your mind from lack of sleep?


That's what I am right now.
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