June 15th, 2001



Feel like crap again. I've been sleeping poorly recently.

And it is amazingly foggy outside. I can see the building across the street, but the block past that is basically invisible.

The humidity must be at around 157% by now. I hate this weather.
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...the humidity's 100% according to weather.com.

I'm sorry, but whoever thought of that scale was a fuckface.

100% humidity is when you're swimming, in my book. Either that, or close to it.

It's more humid today than it was that day I said the humidity was 97%, and a lot more than 3% more humid. Bleh.

I figure today should be maybe a 90-95% humidity, as between the air and the fog it's really humid but could probably get a little worse without fish swimming by. At the very least an 85%. That day, on my scale, I'd place in the low to mid 80%'s. I'd also say anything above a 60-70% should be considered a state of emergency and all places of business should be required to give employees the day off, paid. Schools and daycares and some stores would remain open, of course, and the people that work there would just get overtime or bonuses something similar. Dehumidfying trucks should drive up and down the streets, offering free loaner dehumidifiers to any households that don't have one or can't afford one. Emergency Humidity Relief crews would canvas the area with folding lawn chairs, lemonade, fans, and cool washcloths. The local tv stations would run those little ticker bars across the bottom of the screen updating us all constantly on the state of the emergency and the current humidity reading.

Unless it's cold, in which case screw it.
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This song...

...scares me.

I think there were serious quantities of drugs being ingested when they wrote this song, and this station* plays it way too often.

* - 105.1 I think. They play older stuff (duh).
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Bad morning.

So as I posted earlier, I woke up feeling pretty poor and so took longer than usual to get ready and so we left around 20 or 30 minutes late. Bleh.

Got to the day care, some strange (but cute) girl answered the door, but she knew the baby and in the day care itself I recognized several people so it's not like she had taken it over or whatever. But, rather than take him, like the others usually do, she stepped back and opened the door so I could bring him in.

So I bring him in, and naturally, today's a day he doesn't want to be without me. I let go of his hand and he comes to me crying. So I knelt down and held him and hugged him for a bit, gave him a kiss and told him I had to go, and he grabbed me and cried. Tried several variations on this, with him holding me and grabbing me whenever I tried to make my escape, the women in the day care calling to him, trying to entice him away, and finally the girl asked if I'd like her to just take him. I said yeah, and she did, and he cried, but I was able to go.

So that was one of those things, a bit heart-wrenching, you know.

So I take the 5 year old to school, drop him off, and go to the bus stop. I must've just missed the bus that comes by around 8:45, so I'm standing, waiting. All alone. At around 9, three people walk up, one by one... and line up at a different spot. I look at them for a minute, and then ignore them and go back to waiting.

The bus pulls up around 9:10 or whatever, and naturally drives right by me and stops in front of the other three. I can't blame him, as I was standing alone and they were in a line, but I CAN blame the rude bitch that started that other line rather than get behind me. So I walk up to where the bus stopped, but rather than wait the 30 seconds and let me get on first, as I had been standing there 15 minutes longer than the first of them to get there, the first two people jump right on the bus. The third person nodded at me and let me get on first, which was nice, but the other two were rude fucks.

Oh, and the entire time I'm freaking dying from the heat and humidity so I'm in a godawful mood.

Bus goes. Bus gets there. Blah blah blah. I realize I'm feeling terribly sick and hope I won't throw up before I get off. I let the guy who let me get on first get off first, and he thanks me. I stumble off the bus as carefully as I can and slowly walk down the stairs to the concourse, hoping I won't throw up. After about 10 minutes it subsides, and I realize it was probably hunger nausea (does anyone else get that?).

I go to hop on the 1/9 to ride down to the office, and it is crowded as hell and just as hot. Very unpleasant. Finally after waiting around 10 or 15 minutes the subway train pulls up (I say finally because usually at this time they come almost instantly, NYC has an amazing public transportation system, regardless of whatever gripes you may hear) and we all crowd on. I get off at 23 and walk to work, picking up a banana (not literally, I bought one from a street vendor, one of the various fruit carts that are around the city) and blah blah blah.

Oh and my brother in law is apparently in an obnoxious mood and annoys me over AIM, and then Mozilla 0.9.1 crashes on me, so I just installed nightly 2001061304 which will hopefully be better, as 0.9.1 has been very unreliable for me on win2k.

So blah. That was my morning.


Mozilla just crashed again (w2k, build 2001061304). 1211 seconds of "uptime". I wonder why it's having so many problems on my laptop. Works fine on my home winme box and on my linux box.

Oh well.


Incidentally, the 2001061304 build was lightning fast, noticeably faster than 0.9.1. I just grabbed the latest nightly, 2001061504, and it seems even faster. Fast initial load, fast page load, just very very responsive in general. Nice.

Now hopefully it won't crash as fast. ;)