June 12th, 2001


Celeb Sighting

Oh yeah, I saw another celebrity today. Maybe two, but I only remember one. He was that guy who was in that sci fi show. Um. Earth: Final Conflict. He was the "hero" after the original lead left the show. I wonder if he lives nearby, he was dressed pretty casually and looked like he might've just left his apartment to get something, that sort of thing. Looks just like on tv, too, which is sometimes unusual. A lot of tv/movie people look like crap in real life without the makeup and lighting and such.

Oh and speaking of science fiction tv, one time I saw the original star of Babylon 5 a few months back, too. He's looking old.

Amusingly enough I saw him while taking to an asian woman... she was asking where the nearest Citibank was, and then pulled me aside and asked me if she thought it would be stupid to give the woman behind me money, since she had claimed to be from the east Hamptons and stuck in NYC without her money. I said yeah, I definitely wouldn't. She seemed torn. I appreciate wanting to help people, but letting someone scam you doesn't particularly help anyone. Anyway while trying to help her, he walked by.

Oh, and at work there was a 3-way in the conference room.

Birthday party that is. Apparently they didn't feel like throwing three separate parties this week. I didn't bother getting any cake, I wanted to get my stock options.

Oh, and I finally got that first reimbursement check. $150 down, around $400 to go. ;)

G'nite all.
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93% humidity, and a high in the 80's. Today's gonna suck, weather-wise, again. Sigh. I need to move further north. :)
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(no subject)

Slept poorly last night. Dunno why. Not the heat, as I turned the AC up pretty high to make sure I wouldn't get too hot. (Not that it was too cold either, I'm not crazy.) Woke up with a huge start at around 6:30, for some reason thinking it was 9:30, and being in an absolute panic. It took me a few minutes of panicking for me to wake up enough to realize the clock said 6:30, not 9:30. It's been a while since that sort of thing happened to me.

When I was a child, things like that used to happen all the time. I'd wake up at 3 or 4 am, too tired to see straight, and panic, thinking I was late for school, and I'd race around trying to get dressed and ready. It would usually end after I was almost ready and would either have gained enough consciousness to realize what the clock said, or my dad would get woken up by my panicked preparations and would come to the door and look at me like I was crazy and ask me what was going on.

What can I say? I was a very neurotic little kid, always worried about school and grades and all of that stuff. My parents, my father especially, were very demanding on me from a very young age and it took its toll. I'm still a bit neurotic at times nowadays, but I will say I'm in much better shape, mentally and emotionally, than I was growing up. Heh, it did give me a special fondness for Woody Allen - I think I've been a fan of his movies since I was about 9 or 10, maybe earlier even. They just seemed so perfect to me, and it was refreshing to see someone that was even more neurotic than me. Monty Python, too, I first saw them around the same time (the Holy Grrrrail, of course).

I was a bit weird that way. I think my dad said I either was scared or fell asleep (I think the latter) during the Star Wars movies. My friend's father took the two of us to a ML baseball game. I fell asleep during that too. I did like cartoons, so I was normal in that regard. He-Man, Voltron, Thundercats... loved all of those. And I loved the Muppet Show* and Electric Company**. Actually come to think of it, I've always had eclectic taste, I suppose. Heh.

* - Bork bork! Watch out for the fish.

** - To this day, I still remember at least one skit with great fondness. There's a person sitting at a table, eating or reading a paper or something inconsequential. A person dressed obviously as a robber comes in, I think brandishing a gun, but maybe not. Anyway, he says "Your money or your life!" to the guy. The guy looks at him, and ponders, and then says, "Um... your money." So the robber nods, says "Oh, ok" and takes out his wallet and starts counting out the cash. There might be more details, but that's the meat of it.

It was really silly and made me laugh then and still brings a smile to my face.
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Good news.

My son seems better. He still felt a bit hot this morning, but he was in SUCH A good mood this morning, I'm not worried. The nice thing about a child his age is that if they're sick, they won't bother trying to hide it, it'll almost always be very obvious.

Anyway, once I came in to get him ready for daycare and returned the pacifier he dropped*, he was all giggles and smiles and chirps and baby talk, so I'm not overly concerned. I told the woman at the daycare center that he was a little under the weather but seemed ok. It might be related to the teething I think he's been doing - that has been known to set off fevers and other symptoms in small children.

* - YES, I washed it first, sheesh.

More interesting sleep problems.

Ok, as long as I've brought up weird sleeping problems and patterns, how about another favorite of mine (he said with a slow, sarcastic drawl)*.

Have any of you ever gone to sleep, and had your mind wake up before your body? I've read about it, and it's not a rare sleeping disorder, per se, but it's also not common. Basically, what happens (from the "end-user" perspective) is this: you wake up like normal, and try to move, and can't. Breathing is difficult, movement is impossible, maybe if you struggle you can pry your eyes open... but that's it. I know for me it puts me in a state of panic. You feel utterly paralyzed and helpless. For some reason you gain consciousness while your body is still asleep. The breathing difficulty is simply because your body is still in "sleep mode" while your brain is in "panic mode", and "panic mode" expects a lot of fast, shallow breathing, and sleep mode tends towards slow, deep breathing. So there's not actually any trouble breathing, it just feels like there is. And that, of course, adds to the panic.

It's apparently related to narcolepsy (don't you love that word? I know I do...). Actually I suffer in some small way, or have at times, from almost all of the symptoms listed here: http://www.sleepfoundation.org/publications/livingnarcolepsy.html but I don't think I have it, as I don't suffer from any of them regularly, and the "sleep paralysis" is something I haven't had in a while. I wonder if I suffered from narcolepsy as a child, though. I found a page on sleep paralysis. So apparently it happens independent of narcolepsy. Anyway, I'm not worried, it's been over a year now** since my last 'attack', and the older I've gotten the less frequent they've gotten.

When you finally wake up, it's like... almost like surfacing after being underwater too long, where you were losing your breath and weren't sure you could make it, and at the last second when you're sure your lungs are going to burst and you're going to die, you burst through the water... that's the sort of feeling you get when you finally sit up after suffering from that. The problem is, even though your brain is racing at high speed, your body is still just barely awake, so it's slow, relaxed, calm... it's a very unnerving feeling, very disturbing. You want to get up and pace around the room and hold yourself and shake, but you can't because your damn body is mostly asleep. Sitting up and blinking is about as much as it can do, maybe stand up.

Anyways... that's my rambling for now, I gotta get back to work.

* - Yes, technically, I should be working. But... um... shhhh.

** - Maybe longer than that implies; I can't remember exactly when it was, but definitely not recently.


Apparently some images my friends sent me were copyrighted images by other people, so I yanked down the entire "random" gallery from my homepage to be safe. That sucks. I hate it when crap like that happens.


In other news, the group photos were finally posted. I'm trying to find out if I can get one or two to use on my homepage. If so, I'll post them up and let you know when they're there.
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The guy in the blimpie's thought I apparently was the Giants defensive coordinator or defensive assistant or something. I thought he was just commenting on my Giant's shirt so I smiled and nodded, but then I realized what he said. And he was almost obsequious, told me to have a nice day like 4 times, and on my way out said "Have a nice day Mr. Olson" or something like that. Um... who the hell is Mr. Olson (Olsen)? I don't know of anyone on the Giants coaching staff with that name. I even checked NFL.com and Giants.com to confirm.

Weird. But amusing. :)

Momentous decision

Well, ok, maybe not. But I've decided to finally "do it".

That's right. Being a linux/freebsd/opensource maverick is no longer radical enough for me. Now I'm going to switch away from all of these famous, well known servers like "BIND" and "Apache" and go with crap no one has ever heard of before, the better to run a secure and impossible to support system.


Tonight: djb's dns suite.
Tomorrow: thttpd.
The night after: THE WORLD!!!


(Ok, people have heard of them, but they're certainly not as mainstream as BIND and Apache. BIND just plain sucks, and Apache is too bulky. I need a nice light server, damnit, Apache is just plain bloatware. Oh, and Sendmail? SCREW SENDMAIL! Postfix, baby. Maybe I'll write my own OS and services in machine language, make them do nothing but what I want. Hehe. HAHAHAHAHAH. FIGHT THE POWER!)
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