June 10th, 2001



Pleasantly full belly.

Made grilled cheese sandwiches (ok, toasted actually, big deal) and Campbell's tomato soup. Very good. We all had it, too, even the baby. :) He loooved it, I was very impressed, he gobbled up his sandwich so fast he had trouble chewing it, and polished off the soup I was feeding him in an impressive manner as well.

It's been a tiring weekend. The baby's been teething, I believe - he's been awfully... chewy, putting things in his mouth and biting them, which he doesn't usually do nowadays. He's also been craving his pacifier all the time. So, he's either sucky or chewy, and I'm guessing chewy, which implies teething.

Apparently my wife finally got tested and does indeed have an allergy to wheat. Which means it's increasingly possibly the baby's diarrhea is caused by the same thing. It's been better, recently, and with any luck if it is that he'll outgrow it in time, but it still sucks. Then again, I can't say I've noticed any real correlation between him eating wheat and him getting it. So it's hard to say. If he is allergic to wheat, it'd suck, as almost every type of finger-food and baby-snack out there has some wheat in it. Next time I go shopping I'll buy as many non-wheat things as I can find and see if it helps him.

Fortunately, today seems like a quieter day than yesterday. Yesterday they had me up at sometime around 7 am taking care of them, and never let me take a real break all day. A few minutes here or there, and at one point the baby napped and the boy played his nintendo so I got an hour or so off, but that was it. Fed them, sat with them, played with them, took care of them, bathed them, cooked for them... was a long day, and I didn't get any chores done. Sigh. And now I'm so tired today (also because I was stupid and stayed up later than I should've last night) I dunno that I'll really get anything done today. At least I finally put away the groceries after a week. (Heh.)

That and the heat is really getting on my nerves. I hate hot weather, it turns me into a slug, and we're definitely getting some now. I know, I know, all of you more southerly people probably don't consider it warm until it hits three digits, but I'm not from down south, and this is too damn hot. I don't mind the cold weather, I can always put on some socks and a sweater and bundle up and make myself warm, and having multiple computers always on helps with that. But the heat... ugh... I'm gonna go turn the AC up. This is going to get expensive, I bet. Sigh. At least this apartment has good AC, it has 4 different units, one in each bedroom, one in the kitchen, one in the living room. So that's good. Of course, there's a lot of glass (a bunch of windows, several quite large, plus the whole balcony, which has glass doors and big windows) so I'm sure a lot of it will fly out into the ether rather than cooling the apartment like it should. *grumble*
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My day, continued.

After posting that, and playing with the kids some more, I finally got them to sit quietly for a movie. So, while they watched, I hopped on EQ - and hey, my cousin was actually online playing this time. :)

So we spent a while chatting while she twinked me out (it's funny, I kept telling her not to, and she'd reply with a laugh and tell me she was having fun and wanted to... hey, I'm not going to complain if she wants to help me get off to a good start...). So now my Erudite Paladin, Joeh, has a minotaur axe and some decent armor, at 2nd level. :)

After the kids got bored and the baby started crying, I logged off at around 4 pm or so and went and fed them snacks, and then I played a little soccer in the living room with the older boy while the baby ran around, then I played catch with him for a bit, and then I took them out for a walk, and also to get some quarters for laundry and to pick up the mail. It was nice, we all got a bit of fresh air and had a nice little time together. Amazing how long a short walk can take when you're going at an 18 month old's speed. ;)

And now I've got them both watching the Nightmare Before Christmas, and I'm going to go start dinner and the laundry. If I can get the baby fed and put to bed early, I'll play nintendo with J after dinner. And if not, not, but I'm going to try, we don't get enough time together. It's hard. The 18 month old is not so fond of being left alone while I spend time with my older son.

Boy, I'm tired. I had a nice time this weekend, for the most part, but I swear I need a shot of something to keep me going. It's hard keeping up with two kids, all alone, all weekend. *whew*

Next weekend it's down to my dad's place for Father's Day (another stupid holiday, I hate them all...), which will be a little easier on me. I think I'll take J to see Atlantis, maybe Shrek another time since we all enjoyed it so much. I kinda like the double-father-son thing... me and my son, me and my dad, three generations going out and doing things.

Ok. So, dinner and chores. Right. I'm off.
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