June 7th, 2001



This is why I never bother going to bed "early". Got to sleep at like midnight last night and I still feel as tired as ever this morning. Actually I feel a little more tired than I normally do in the morning. Sometimes I think I'm allergic to sleep.

Actually what's more likely is that it's... off-cycle(?) for me. I'm not sure if it's accurate but I know my wife often mentioned that people have a certain cycle, and timing your sleep to coincide will tend to make you feel much better. As in, something like this: her sleep schedule I believe was on a 4-hour cycle, so she either needed to get 4 hours or 8 hours (or 12 hours) of sleep to feel well rested. I have no idea if it's true, but I have noticed that sometimes (often) getting less sleep seems to make me feel better. However, if I sleep for a LONG time (somewhere in the 10 or 12 hour range) I also feel refreshed and well-rested. Maybe I have a 5-6 hour cycle and so I need ~5 or ~10 (or maybe ~6 and ~12) hours of sleep to feel right.


I dunno. If anyone actually does know something about sleep patterns and cycles, please, feel more than free to comment, as I'd be happy to learn something about it (without having to put in the effort to research it myself ;) ).
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Mmmm... stuffed.

Got the chicken doner sandwich from Sultan II, which is basically a pita with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions put in, and a "white sauce" and "hot sauce" poured over them. Very good, and very filling.

Now, here's a question. Why do all of these middle-eastern joints call it "white sauce"? What's so magic about it that they can't tell you the name? It's always "Do you want the... white sauce...?" and you expect them to either be offering you drugs or hitting on you. If we can see the actual name of the food, why can't we see the actual name of the ingredients? Is it that hard to pronounce? Or is this some sort of Fight Club secret and is there a bunch of guys in the back room jizzing into a bucket and that's what they're labeling "white sauce"? Damnit. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE WHITE SAUCE IS!

And it's not just one or two places, either, it's every damn place I've been to that's middle-eastern, whether it's Egyptian or Turkish or random street vendor pigeon-wagon, it's always the mysterious "white sauce". Hell I even saw one that was just offering mayonnaise but rather than call it mayo they called it "...white sauce...". IT WAS MAYO DAMNIT!!!

Here endeth my rant on "the white sauce".

Birthday party

Had a birthday party at work. This means everyone gets together in a room, they light a cake, bring the person in, sing happy birthday, and then half the people get a piece and everyone disperses.

Apparently the birthday boy is the younger brother of our CTO. Didn't realize that. NEPOTISM! ;)

Anyways, that's that. I'm going to have to call in sick on my birthday, I hate that crap.

In other news, so so so horrible, I found out we only get a total of 5 sick and personal days. This is awful. Only 5 days a year! Sigh. Most places give at least 2 personal days plus 4 or 5 (or more) sick days. We're getting totally ripped off. TOTALLY.




Thank you for contacting Sony Online Entertainment Customer Service department. My name is [his name] and I am pleased to assist you with your problem. After reviewing your email, I understand your issue to be trying to renew your account.

When you are setting up the billing information you are going to want to put your Country as Zimbabwe and then re enter your State. This sounds odd but this will take care of that problem you are having.


I do so love Sony's online credit card verification system. *slaps forehead*

In other news, I've decided to break down and renew my EQ account and start playing again, if you hadn't already guessed. ;)
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Company Presentations

Every Thursday, except for most, someone gives an internal company tech presentation to anyone that wants to come. Snacks are provided and someone gets to share whatever knowledge they have on some subject.

It's an interesting concept. I'm going to go today to see if it's any good. I might even start going regularly if they're good, I'm always up for a.) learning new stuff and b.) escaping my desk. ;)

The Presentation

So the presentation in question was on the media. The history of it, the stories behind it, the business and politics of it, and at the end, to give it some sort of relevance, the role sites like ours play in it.

It was actually really interesting, I'm glad I went. If they're all this good I'll be at all of them, although it wasn't a tech presentation in any way, shape, or form. Actually in some ways that was a good thing, an occasional break is a nice thing. ;) Part of what helped is that he's a good speaker, and in fact used to work at several NY newspapers, so he understands it from the inside, and he knows how to tell a story.

Most of them are much more technical, discussing things like programming techniques or web servers or blah blah blah but those are probably worth attending as well. Like I said, if nothing else it gets me away from my desk for an hour. ;)


Milestone 0.9.2 will be a special stability milestone, which will only have two weeks of 'open' checkins before ramping down for another release. The mozilla.org drivers will control the checkins during the two weeks, so the tree will have some time to recover from the large landings over the last few months. This will also give vendors a good point to use for their releases.
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The lyrics to this song are fucked up.

But it reminds me of Shrek so it's all good.
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Nifty page.


Done by the 3D artist for EQ. Some nifty effects. He's apparently a reasonably decent programmer* as well as artist. Brandy, I thought you might like that one.

* - At least for web stuff. :) I dunno that I'd trust him to write any heavy-duty c, but I wouldn't trust me with that either, so... :)


Ok, everyone's always taking these stupid quizzes, and they're never interesting to read, they just take up space. So, here's my attempt at one.

The Quiz

1.) Who is your favorite Beastie Boy?

2.) Who is your favorite Backstreet Boy?

2a.) Why do you have a favorite Backstreet Boy?

2b.) You realize that answering that question has lowered you in my opinion forever, don't you?

3.) Who is your favorite Beatle?

4.) What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?

4a.) How can you justify such a poor choice?

5.) What is your favorite brand of pasta?

6.) Aldente?

7.) If you had to choose a superhero to go on a road trip to Topeka with, who would it be?

8.) Have you had sex with a simian?

8a.) Was it male or female?

9.) What color socks are you wearing?

10.) Are you on fire?

11.) What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

Stop it! I don't care that much, I just wanted to see if you'd answer.

12.) Are you gay?

12a.) Do you regret that?

13.) Do you like Rufus Wainwright?

13a.) Is he gay?

13b.) Do you regret that?

14.) What's your shoe size?

14a.) UK, US, or other?

15.) What image do you find most horrifying?

16.) What sound do you find most horrifying?

17.) Will you send me all of your money?

17a.) Are you sure?

18.) Paper or plastic?

19.) Electric, disposable, straight, folding, or none of the above?

20.) Who is your favorite member of the yellow-skinned members of the cast of the Simpsons?

21.) Why are you answering this quiz?

22.) What's your favorite kind of cake?

23.) How many holes in your shoes/boots?

24.) What's the difference between General Tso's chicken and Sesame chicken?

25.) Do you like children?

25a.) How about in soup?

26.) What operating system would you use if stranded on a desert island?

27.) Do you prefer the Sisters of Mercy or the Fields of the Nephilim?

28.) What's your favorite color of blood?

29.) How many times have you eaten pastrami in your life?

29a.) Was it hot?

29b.) Did you use mustard?

30.) Do you suffer from bad breath?

Extra bonus point question:

31.) What's your bra size?
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