May 29th, 2001



...thanks for the kind words, people, but like I said there was really no need for it.

Anyways, relax, I'm fine now. I needed to rant and be depressed for a night but I'm ok now. Incidentally I realized afterwards that there were some charges missing and that I'm actually closer to -$600 than -$400. Sweet. Fortunately today it doesn't seem as bad. I'm probably going to get hit with some late charges, but we'll see. I -may- be able to time things so I actually pay all of my bills on time without bouncing any checks, anything's possible. I've done similar things before, although not usually for such a large amount or with such horrible timing.

Anyways, again, thanks, blah blah blah, but don't worry about me, there's no need. I'll get through it, I always do somehow. I just sometimes suffer from a momentary crisis of faith. Oh well.

Heh, I guess this makes the decision about what to get my cousin for her wedding simple. Nothing. :P

Update: Whoops, my DSL payment just went through automatically. That's another step deeper in I go, whee. At this rate maybe I should just declare bankruptcy. :P
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You'd think at some point that you'd get used to it, that it'd stop bothering you, that you'd get jaded to the point where it just wouldn't matter any more. I'm beginning to think that'll never happen.

Today we had a round of layoffs. It's the 6th round I've seen in the past year or year and a half, from 3 companies. I saw 3 at, 2 at CondeNet, and now one here. They cut 10% of the staff, all of them "non-essential". I don't think tech was touched at all.

The upside is that with these staff cuts we should be able to break even. The downside is obvious.

I keep hoping one of these days I'll find a company that won't have layoffs. I doubt if I'll ever find one.

I'm glad I wasn't cut.
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Had a bit of a bleh day. Got some stuff done but kept getting sidetracked by stuff and various idiots*. Just a frustrating day. Between the news of the layoffs and the various other distractions I couldn't seem to focus on anything for long enough to get any serious work done**. Sigh.

* - This has nothing to do with anyone on LJ or IRC, lest any paranoid people think otherwise. :P

** - This is not to say I got nothing done, I just wasn't as productive as I like to be. I like to get a LOT*** done and I didn't.

*** - I'm aware it's not good form to use "a lot" but tough titties****, I like it.

**** - Remind me sometime to write down the list of alternative words the spellchecker on here comes up with for titties. It's quite amusing. And long.


Oh man, am I tired. I need some sleep. Ugh.

At least things are starting to look up. Heh, have to redo the finances now. :P
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