May 27th, 2001



Just a quickie update, at my dad's house.

Party was good. Even my son had fun which is good. Saw Tampopo* for the first time, wish I had bought it when I had been first looking at it. That movie is so Japanese it can only be classified as meta-japanese, and it's laugh-out loud funny at parts. I love it.

My son is pretty good at Q3. This might be bad in a 5 year old. I dunno, he won't be playing it again so I'm not too worried.

Tired, back aches. Can't sleep here for some reason. Damnit. Going home tonight after crashing here tonight.

Taking my son to see Shrek today, should be fun. I've heard it's a bit objectional at parts, but we'll see. A little raunchy is ok, and I actually read a review on a Christian movie review site that said it was only mildly objectional (I don't normally frequent those sites, but c'mon, you know a Christian movie review site is going to JUMP on anything that could be considered even mildly inappropriate...) so I'm taking that as a thumbs-up to see it.

Then we hit the mall to get a new mattress for the baby's crib, since I gave the sleeper/playpen to my wife.

Then we go to my mom's for dinner, and then we go grocery shopping, then home.

Then we go to blessed sleep.

Finally, tomorrow, I clean, relax, and eagerly await the return of my baby. Not that my wife can't handle him, but I just miss him. And I doubt if she can handle him as well, frankly. But that's a separate issue. I just miss the lil bugger.

* - The movie's pretty harmless, but without warning at one point they cut into a fucking love scene, complete with nudity and two japanese people gettin' it on. Thank God for S, the junior admin - she asked my son to show her where the ice cream was and help her get some, so he ran off to do that. I was taken totally off guard, the movie had been basically PG the entire time up to that. Bless her, bless her, bless her. I was sort of expecting my boss to warn me**** if anything objectional came on, since, you know, it was his movie and he had seen it at least a couple of times before. D'oh. But thanks to her my son didn't see more than a minute of it**. (I was still trying to think of a way to distract him and get him out without making him more interested in it; her fast thinking is apparently faster than mine. ;) )

** - I also have to admit I was suddenly presented with a bit of a crisis - while that scene was definitely inappropriate for him, I've been trying to figure out just what is too much or too little for a "five and a half" year old to see. I'm not sure. I think my parents went overboard with me... they restricted me from all sorts of movies and games, from eating too much candy, this, that, and the next thing, and it got to the point where I was neurotic about things for a while. I'd either eat no candy or pig out until I was sick, I have to admit I would sneak downstairs all the time to look for dirty movies on cable when I was living with them as a teen, almost obsessively (not almost, screw that, it was...) not so much as because I wanted to see them (not that I minded watching the violence and sex, I thought that was great) but because I wanted to see what I was missing..? I dunno, hard to explain***.

*** - The point is, I don't want to restrict him from so much that I end up driving him to it. If he's got some curiousity about some things, it can't hurt to let him get just a little peek, and to show him that there's nothing really there. At his age he won't really be interested in it other than out of curiousity, so if I indulge his curiousity, hopefully he won't look for bad stuff because he won't want to. Make sense? It does to me, but I don't want to accidentally turn him into a sex-crazed violence-obsessed 6 year old because I made a mistake, so I'm trying to spend more time thinking about it before I jump to conclusions. I also want to read more about it, see what the 'pros' think. Then again they're all stupid idiots, so I dunno.

**** - Don't take that the wrong way, my boss is a great guy and actually is very similar to me in a lot of ways. That's partially why I was shocked, I had totally expected a warning before anything came up on screen. So no, before anyone leaps to conclusions themselves, he's not an asshole or insensitive to things like that or anything. He just slipped up that once, so whatever. He's got no kids, and might not have even occurred to him that he had a 5 year old in the room at the time. Anyways...

***** - Ok, so I apparently don't know the definition of quickie. Screw.

Good Lord

Popularity is a heavy cross to bear.

I logged into AIM/ICQ and received IM's from four people within 2 or 3 minutes of logging on. Yikes.

P.S. I'm back.

Update: 12 minutes, 5 people.

Update 2: 6 people now.
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